Let's Play, Yaraneeda!Elda's catchphrase.

Let's Play, Zenzen Yaraneeda!Elda's catchphrase.

Elda is one of the secondary antagonists of the anime series, Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure. She was the maid kid and one the Witch of Delays' servants on the villain.

She was voiced by Ayahi Takagaki, who also voiced Ayato Kirishima as a child in Tokyo Ghoul, Mariah in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Chris Yukine in Senki Zesshou Symphogear.


Elda has a pink skin with a short antennae and tail humanoid. Her hair is green lime tied up onto a two bunches, orange sides with a streaks on the fringe, and green eyes it has a elongated pupils. She has a black blouse has a pink sleeves and collar, and white apron.


She was the immature kid when she don't like her fulfilling responsibilities. She also has a fusing and bratty, when she threw as a fits while didn't not to go her own way.


Elda first appearance in episode 6, when she serves tea for Chongire and Numeri, the letter of comments that she is cute that was. Then Elda sit down on Numeri's laps while Butler returns for telling that it's were getting more Motivation Power. She is getting really serious because the adults having really tough to let the down from Pretty Cure was confronted to "legendary", now Numeri said that has not to worry.

From episode 7, Elda listen to Butler not to playing some dolls and stealing from packs Kururun is sends, not she reclaims above her treating from as a adult and have respect. He answers to rewards her, and Elda accepted to catch them. Later, Elda debut after Minori and Laura to talk to them and hang over a packages. Before she leaves refused tell them to leave, she summoning to Yaraneeda into the seashell. The girls transforms into a cures to fight when she tells Laura to give it for packages. But Laura said no, then she starting to temper tantrum. She open to packages, to believe as a becomes the power up idem, and it's turning into a giant shell of the full sweet. She shocking her when the girls tied up the Yaraneeda. Papaya asking the imported at the sweeting and there should it can here. The she use it perform Panpaka Papaya Shot to defeated the Yaraneeda, and she leaving on the huff.

Power & Abilities

Like other the villains, Elda used to summon Yaraneedas for throwing the ball at the dark energy able projects to stealing a Motivation Power For the humans.

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