The Elder Guardian is a supporting antagonist in Season 1 of the AvM Shorts, appearing as the main antagonist of the episode "The Dolphin Kingdom".

Shortly before the events of the episode, he kidnapped the Dolphin Queen, and the four protagonists, Green, Blue, Yellow and Red, have to rescue her.


The Elder Guardian is seen the first time when bringing the Dolphin Queen to his castle, presumably after a war with the Dolphin Kingdom. Suddenly, the remainers of the kingdom's troops attack, but the Guardians quickly dispose of them. Meanwhile, a dolphin, presumably the prince, orders Green, Blue, Yellow and Red to attack the Elder Guardian's castle and rescue the Dolphin Queen.

The team and the dolphin attack the castle, Green, Blue and the Dolphin attacking on the left and Yellow and Red attacking on the right. After Yellow and Red kill another swarm of Guardians, they come across an Elder Guardian, but not the Elder Guardian Note there are 3 Elder Guardians Per Monument.

After the group reunites, the Elder Guardian is seen trying to mate with the Dolphin Queen, coming closer and closer, until Blue appears and spawns a sponge in the room. The rest of the group does the rest. Green grabs the Dolphin Queen and waves the Elder Guardian goodbye, and the entire group leaves him. The Elder Guardian sheds a tear.

It is unknown what happened to him next most likely survived because they can stay on land practicaly forever.


  • The Elder Guardian getting closer and closer to the Dolphin Queen while it's clear that she does not love him can be seen as attempted rape.


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