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That Colbalt Star Shard... There was...There was another Shroob princess inside it! That's right! Princess Shroob...has a twin sister! When I arrived in this time period, Princess Shroob immediately attacked me...I instantly grabbed the time machine's power source, the Colbalt Star, and...Yes, I trapped Princess Shroob inside of it, then shattered it.
~ Princess Peach describing her encounter with the elder Shroob Princess.
~ Elder Princess Shroob's last words before turning into a purple mushroom after Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi defeated her.

The Elder Princess Shroob is the elder sister of Princess Shroob and the main antagonist of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. She is the de facto leader of the Shroobs although her capture meant that Princess Shroob took over in her place.



According to the prologue of the game, the Shroobs invaded the Mushroom Kingdom because their home planet is dying. Sometime before the game, they learned of the Mushroom Kingdom and deployed in their Shroob saucers to invade.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Princess Peach enters a time machine designed by Professor E. Gadd and ventures into the past - at the same time, the Shroobs captured the Mushroom Castle of the past. She is then faced by both Princess Shroobs. In desperation, she grabs the time machine's power source, the Cobalt Star, and manages to trap the Elder Princess Shroob's essence within it while shattering it. In this distraction, Peach is then captured by the younger Princess Shroob.

During the events of the game, Mario and Luigi believe that they should gather the shards of the broken Cobalt Star to be able to rescue Peach and defeat the Shroobs. The trapped Princess Shroob contacts the Mario Bros. and their past selves and pretends to be the spirit that resides within the star, telling them that if they gathered the shards, then they could defeat the Shroobs. The only person who sees through her masquerade is Baby Luigi, evidenced by his crying. Her true appearance is also "shown" via a poor drawing of Toadbert's before the attack by the Elder Shrooboid.

After the Mario Bros. defeat the younger Princess Shroob (the battle leaving her battered and on her deathbed), Baby Bowser drops into the room, steals the final Cobalt Star shard, and puts it together with the main Colbalt Star against Peach's objections. Princess Shroob then declares in her dying words it to be her sister's turn to face the heroes before collapsing dead, vanishing in a puff in an explosion. The Elder Princess Shroob frees herself and fights Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi in vengeance for her sister's demise and sends them all high in the sky on a platform. Mario and Luigi manage to gain upper hand in the fight against Elder Princess Shroob with some assistance from Peach.

However, the cruel tyrant then taps into the power in her crown, and mutates, showing her true form, a sight so horrific that Peach collapses. The four heroes then have to defeat her by attacking her crown, which made her nearly invincible, then attacking the Elder Princess Shroob herself. After a long, difficult battle, the Mario Bros. and Baby Mario Bros. emerge as the victors. Although fatally wounded, the Shroob princess swears that the Shroobs will have vengeance and destroy the Mushroom Kingdom before turning into a small purple mushroom, which Baby Luigi claims.

When the Mario Bros. return to the Mushroom Kingdom's present, they find Bowser unconscious after he escaped the Thwomp Volcano. The mushroom that was once Elder Princess Shroob floats out of Baby Luigi's pocket, and into Bowser's mouth, turning him into Shrowser. The Mario Bros. defeat Shrowser, destroying Elder Princess Shroob's soul for good, releasing Bowser from her control and back into unconsciousness, ending the plague of the evil Shroobs once and for all.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

During the optional battle with three Shroobs in Bowser's Castle, several Shroobs can be seen frozen in the background, including Elder Princess Shroob. She is frozen in ice by herself in Bowser's Inside Story, or with Princess Shroob in Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey. This has given way too much confusion, as she was clearly destroyed at the conclusion of Partners in Time. There are many theories behind this but two stand out as most likely:

  • The Shroobs first attacked the Mushroom Kingdom in the present (sometime before the events of Bowser's Inside Story), but they ended up attacking Bowser's castle first, and Bowser froze them. They were then rescued by Princess Shroob, and Elder Princess Shroob (who has been established as being able to create time warps) travelled into the past to take over the Mushroom Kingdom there, easier, when Bowser was Baby Bowser. (though it is implied in the game that Bowser froze Shroob survivors such as Junior Shrooboid).
  • Her cameo was just a nod to people who may have played Partners in Time and recognized her.

Or perhaps all the frozen Shroobs in the battle's background weren't really there (as, outside the battle, the only other Shroob in the room beside the three Mario and Luigi fight is Junior Shrooboid, who never seems to be destroyed in Partners in Time), and were a battle background decoration to remind the players of Partners in Time. This is most likely given that outside of the battle the room is too small to have such large amounts of frozen Shroobs lined up as a crowd.

Powers and Abilities

Normal form

  • Power: Elder Princess Shroob is the most powerful enemy in the game, even stronger than the Elder Shrooboid, Commander Shroob, or her sister.
  • Strength: Elder Princess Shroob can carry around a large smoking meteor with ease although it does slow her down considerably.
  • Durability: Elder Princess Shroob's normal form has 3500 HP and can survive being stamped on from on high by use of the Trampolines, multiple hits from the Baby Mario Bros' hammers, and fire without getting a scratch.
  • Shroob UFO Summoning: By screaming out in the Shroob language, Elder Princess Shroob can summon an armada of Shroob UFO's to the battlefield. They allow access to her main attacks but can be knocked down by a large star Princess Peach occasionally gives the Mario Bros whenever more appear.
    • Shroob Chomp Chase: Elder Princess Shroob can go off-screen and summon a Shroob-ified Chain Chomp (although how is unclear since the battle takes place on a flying platform) and call a Shroob UFO to guide it. The Bros must either jump over the Chomp or stamp it out of the arena to not take damage although this can only be performed when there is at least one UFO on-screen otherwise it will not be used.
    • Vim UFO Summoning: Once she has lost 500 HP, Elder Princess Shroob will start summoning a UFO to bring her green Vim that will restore 120 HP. However, she will also destroy the UFO by swiping it off-screen which will eliminate it from the overhead numbers.
    • Shroob Meteor Crush: As long as there at least three Shroob UFO's on-screen, Elder Princess Shroob can order them to get her a large smoking purple-black meteor that she will grab and march on a Bro, eventually dropping it on them and causing massive damage. The player must hammer her seven times to make her drop it and return to her starting position. THis will occur even if a Bro is Dizzy and, if she advances on said Dizzy Bro, they cannot counter attack and will take damage.
    • Saucer Blast: Elder Princess Shroob's strongest attack in this form. She can summon Shroob UFOs to fly under her and lift her into the air which she will fly up and down on them, firing energy blasts that player must jump over or remain on the ground (depending on whether she is aiming at them or above them.
      • Shockwave: As long as the Bros aren't KO'd by that attack, Elder Princess Shroob will jump off of the Saucers (destroying them and taking them out of the fleet overhead) and land hard enough to generate a massive green-red-yellow shockwave that the Bros must jump or they'd take massive damage.
  • Ram Attack: Elder Princess Shroob's only attack that she can perform without the UFO's. She will occasionally reel back and ram into one of the Mario Bros (the one she is standing opposite of). This must be countered with the Hammers but she often uses a tactic of stopping right before the targeted brother, tricking him into swinging his hammer too early and then quickly charging again; she reveals that she is going to stop by waving her hand wildly and gaining a crooked expression.
  • Energy Blasts: Elder Princess Shroob can fire massive purple energy balls from her torso which the Bros must jump over. However, this is only seen in her Saucer Blast attack.
  • Transformation: After losing 3500 HP, Elder Princess Shroob will have a momentary seizure before stabilising herself and then touching her crown, making it flash and generate a massive purple cloud which would change her into a more ferocious form.

Monster Form

  • Strength: Using her tentacles (see "Tentable Grab"), Elder Princess Shroob an easily pick up and throw the Bros.
  • Durability: As long as her crown remains active (indicated by the glowing jewel on it),her head (her sole weakspot) will only take 1 damage per hit (even if it is hit by Cannoballers) although how the crown does this is unclear. It should be noted though that her Energy Blast Ball attack (see below) will deal 35 damage even with the crown active.


The only way to defeat Elder Princess Shroob in her ultimate form is to disable her crown but it is off-screen until the leg-tentacle(s) are destroyed. Cannonballers is recommended since it does the most immediate damage and you can directly target the head whereas Trampolines and Copy Flowers target an active part of her body at random. Once that happens, after taking 400 HP, the player must take out the crown which has 200 HP (requiring the use of 2 Cannonballers). With the crown out of commission, the player must use the most powerful Bros. Items (Copy Flowers, Cannonballers, Trampolines) to deal as much damage as possible since she will reactivate it after three turns. Rinse and repeat until she goes down for good.


~ Elder Princess Shroob immediately after being unleashed from the Colbalt Star
~ Elder Princess Shroob
~ Elder Princess Shroob
~ Elder Princess Shroob swearing to avenge her sister immediately before starting the final battle.





  • Elder Princess Shroob is the only character in the entire Mario franchise to speak exclusively in upper case lettering.
    • This does not count games such as Super Paper Mario seeing as all dialogue in that game was upper case and was more an editing choice than a character quirk.
  • Elder Princess Shroob is the only member of the Shroobs who can speak fluent English. All others only spoke in their gibberish emoticon language with Princess Shroob's somehow being translated.
  • How the Colbalt Star shards came to be spread around the kingdom is unclear/ It is possible that the younger Shroob princess sent the pieces far away to ensure she couldn't return and thus she'd control the race.
  • Elder Princess Shroob is similar to Dark Bowser, the final boss in Bowser's Inside Story, as both are killed directly by Bowser and indirectly by the Mario Bros (though in Elder Princess Shroob's case this wasn't intentional on Bowser's part and he was just deflecting the energy blasts).


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