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You aint normal! Look at you, you ain't black, you ain't white... you ain't nothing! [...] Sit your pale ass down!
~ Eldritch insults his son

Eldridge Whale is a minor antagonist in the 2018 CW series Black Lightning.



Eldridge was the abusive father of Tobias and Tori Whale. Resenting his son for his albinism and the medical costs the conditions brought with them, he made sure that Tobias had a terrible and traumatizing childhood.

On one occasion, after having received another medical bill, Eldridge ranted about how useless Tobias was. Defiant, Tobias tried to defend himself but Eldridge angrily mocked him for his condition and stated that one would think that he would be happy after he had gotten a son but now has come to the conclusion that his son was utterly worthless because due to his skin condition, he could not even bear the sunlight. When Tori spoke up in Tobias' defense, Eldridge hit her.

Hunted by his kids

Decades later, Tori tracks down Eldridge and informs Tobias, planning to kill their abusive father once and for all so that Tobias can overcome his childhood trauma.

The two drive up to Eldridge's house and once Eldridge has opened the door, he gets hit in the face by Tobias. Although the hit throws him to the ground, Eldridge gets back up and states that Tobias still hits like a little bitch. When Tori accuses him of his horrible parenting skills, Eldridge replies that unlike their mother, at least he stayed with his children and fed and clothed them. Tobias acknowledges all this and states that he can appreciate this. He holds his arms open to hug Eldridge but when the confused Eldridge moves to hug his son as well, Tobias slowly crushes him in the hug while accusing him of only staying so that he has someone to torture, beat and blame for his failures - maybe even for collecting money from the state.

Tobias then throws their wounded father to the ground and when Tori draws a gun to finish him off, Tobias holds her back. He addresses Eldridge and tells him that his back is broken and that he will die a slow death because of this. The two then leave the house, abandoning their mortally wounded father.


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