Hey, you! Get away from my tree!
~ Eldwin Blair telling Ami and Yumi to stay away from his tree.

Eldwin Blair is a recurring antagonist of the Cartoon Network series Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and a minor antagonist of the tie-in game Kaznapped.

He was voiced by Nathan Carlson, who provided the voice of the Lizard from the Spider-Man 3 video game.


Early Life

Eldwin Blair began his fortune in cutting down trees for making toothpicks and got a splinter on his thumb twenty years before the events of Arbor Day.

Save The Farm

Blair arrived at Farmer Zeke's farm known as Happy Acres and wanted to destroy the farm so he can build a parking lot there. Ami and Yumi performed some music so that the animals and plants can drive Blair away.

Arbor Day

Blair caught Ami, Yumi, Kaz and a squirrel inside a tree and planned to cut the entire forest down with his bulldozers and finally build his parking lot. Not knowing that the band secured the tree tightly, Blair was tricked by Ami into letting him never cut down one of the trees. However, he decided to cut down the rest of the forest.


He appears in the tie-in Gameboy Advance video game as a disguise worn by Puffy AmiYumi's number one fan, Harmony.

Sound Off

He, Sauerkraut Malone and Vlad are in the character department of the show and outside the episode. Once he and the other characters decided to jump in, they were chasing after Ami, Yumi and Kaz, whose voices are mixed up as a result of the cartoonists falling asleep.


  • "Hey, you! Get away from my tree!"
  • "I made my fortune in toothpicks. And this tree, which gave me the idea to go into the business when it gave me this splinter twenty years ago... is the motherlode!"


  • Blair serves as a foil for Kaz since both like money whereas Blair relies much more on greed.


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