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I made your wish come true, Sarah.
~ Eleanor

Eleanor is the overarching antagonist of the Fazbear Frights anthology novel series.

She serves as the main antagonist of To Be Beautiful, Epilogue 10 and Epilogue 11, the unseen overarching antagonist of Out of Stock, 1:35 AM, The Man in Room 1280, Hide and Seek and Blackbird, an unseen antagonist in Step Closer, the secondary antagonist of Epilogue 7, the unseen final antagonist of Epilogue 8, and the deuteragonist-villain of Epilogue 9.

She is a robot that's clearly supposed to be a version of Circus Baby, but they share a small amount of similar features. She is a very evil entity who feed off other people's suffering, and seeks to obtain Remnant to become powerful and eternal.


Eleanor is noticeably lankier, thinner and taller than other versions of Circus Baby. Her face has large eyes and eyelids, her pigtails are scruffy and has a segmented top and a ragged skirt.


To Be Beautiful

In the second story of the first book, when walking home from school, a girl named Sarah finds a robot inside a car trunk in the junkyard. After taking her home and cleaning her up, she activates her. The robot introduced herself as Eleanor and promises to Sarah to grant her every wish to show her appreciation for Sarah's kindness. Sarah told to Eleanor that she wanted to be beautiful. Eleanor promised to Sarah to make her wish come true. She gave Sarah a necklace and told Sarah to never take it off. Then as Sarah goes to sleep every night, Eleanor surgically cut off Sarah's bodyparts and replaced them with metal junk which looked as normal body parts thanks to the necklace's cloaking technology, which made Sarah look more beautiful. However, in school, after Sarah's necklace accidentally falls off her, she sees what Eleanor had done to her. She goes home to find Eleanor, but after finding bags filled with her cut bodyparts in the garage, she sees Eleanor who after pressing a button on her own necklace, which looked identical to Sarah's, took the appearance of a pre-surgery Sarah. Taking her identity, Eleanor leaves Sarah to crumble into a mess of junk and die.

Epilogue 1

Eleanor is indirectly mentioned when mentioning how Sarah crumbled into junk and left several girls in the school at therapy. It's told that "Sarah" disappeared.

Epilogue 7

When Jake tries to save some trash from being dragged inside Afton's Amalgamation, he sees Eleanor, which jumps and punches him. Eleanor sucked out the evil from Jake (which was in fact, pieces of William's soul) and after finishing, winked at him and threw backwards into the Amalgamation. She was slowly being integrated into the creature as the story went on. After it was said that she was fully integrated, Eleanor isn't mentioned until the story's climax. As Larson and Afton prepared to battle, Eleanor jumped out of the Amalgamation and started crawling towards a vent. Afton pleaded Eleanor to return, but she ignored him and entered the vent. Afton's Amalgamation is soon destroyed by the Puppet, killing William. Jake realises that William wasn't the only thing controlling his Amalgamation, and that the other creature was worse.

Epilogue 8

It's highly likely that she is the thing that was crawling in the vents and that she killed the real girl Jake was protecting, replacing her afterwards.

Epilogue 9

Eleanor introduces herself as Renelle. Jake explains he "protected" her from the Unnamed Drug Dealers, for which Renelle thanks him for, and explains that she's not afraid of Jake's appearance because the real monsters are the ones who take advantage of others. She recounts her backstory, of how her father became obsessed about his work after her mother's death, eventually kicking her out after she stole some money. Renelle realises she still misses and her father and Jake promises that he will help her.

Epilogue 10

Larson sees a picture of Eleanor and a girl while investigating the numerous disappearances related to a mysterious ball pit. He also analyzed a man named Dr. Talbert, who specialized in studying a silver liquid called Remnant. He decided to visit Talbert to figure out what this all means and what the Stitchwraith has to do with it.

Meanwhile, Jake and "Renelle" visit her father's house, and the man turns out to be no one else than Talbert himself. As Jake looks through the house, he sees a picture of Talbert and Dr. Phineas Taggart, the man who created the Stitchwraith and got killed by it. Another picture was of Talbert and his daughter, except she didn't have brown hair and blue eyes like Renelle did; She had black hair and brown eyes. Larson enters Talbert's house just in time to see Renelle change into the girl in the picture.

Suddenly, he saw a vision of Eleanor. He realises she is a twisted little girl who was corrupted into an evil entity that fed off people's suffering. He was so appalled by her evil he tried to shoot her with his gun, but lost consciousness before managing to do it, only whispering her name. Within the mindscape, he saw several visions that show Eleanor is the mastermind behind most events that have happened in the series. She was the one who gave the Plushtrap Chaser his human eyes and teeth. She was the one torturing Delilah, not her doll Ella like she thought. She was holding down Pete after he was hit by a truck in Step Closer to perform an operation on him. She was the evil entity that was helping William Afton and jumped out of his body. She was also somehow related to the events in Hide and Seek and was the one who pushed Sam under the train in Blackbird.

Meanwhile, back in reality, Dr. Talbert hugs Eleanor, who was impersonating his daughter. Jake realises she was the evil entity helping Afton or at the very least had the true threat inside of her. He pushes her against the wall, but Eleanor uses her illusion powers to make it look like he stabbed her. Talbert pulls out a gun and shoots Jake, destroying the Stitchwraith's battery pack and disabling the animatronic. Jake watches at Talbert gives his "daughter" some Remnant and realises this was Eleanor's plan all along - She wanted Remnant to become more powerful and eternal.

Eleanor melts away her disguise, revealing her true form.


Altough she may initially appear to be gentle, thankful and sweet, this is just a disguise she uses to earn people's sympathy. She's actually an evil and manipulative creature, who tends to lie and deceive, and shows sociopathic behavior, treating everyone as a tool to reach her goals. She likes to tease and mock his adversary, winking at Jake after absorbing the evil contained inside the Stitchwraith, and telling Sarah she made her wish come true while she's dying. The only person so far she's shown to have some sort of positive relationship with is William Afton, as shown by her giving him the power to create the amalgamation and sustaining him when he was too weak. However it's unknown wether her collaborating with Afton was out of genuine affection towards him, or simply as a way to gain something for herself.


  • It's possible that the device Eleanor was using is an illusion disk.
  • It's possible she's one of the items infected by Andrew, seeing as her story is canon to the epilogues. However, if she was, she'd probably be collected by the Stitchwraith by now.
    • It was implied that she was collected by the Stitchwraith, but managed to stay alive.
    • However, this seems unlikely given how Epilogue 10 implies she's her own thing.


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