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If you wouldn't mind, perhaps you could entertain me tonight? I promise to provide a dreamy night of fiery passion and shameless, decadent ecstasy.
~ Eleanor to Albert Frazer.

Eleanor Chalet is a major antagonist in Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor, who appeared as the main antagonist in Volume 2 and the secondary antagonist in Volume 3 in Light Novel and in Season 1 of its anime adaptation. She is a necromancer and member and second-in-command of the terrorist organization known as Researchers of Divine Wisdom.

She was voiced by Yōko Hikasa in the Japanese version and voiced by Amanda Gish in the English version.


Eleanor appears to be a young woman possibly 18 years old or in her 20s, with short black hair and blue eyes. She always wears a green maid outfit when she worked for Queen Alicia, even after by the time she fights.


She appears to be a kind, calm, polite, and caring person serving the queen of Alzano Empire. However, her true personality shows her to be sadistic, cunning and ruthless, as she hides as a maid. She is also shown to be a sadomasochist, taking many hits from her battles and treating it as an expression of lust and seems to know Glenn Radars' strength. Despite having no problem with the experiments that her organization performs on Rumia and other women, she despises abusing them as she killed Burks for choking Rumia. She seems to taunt her comrades due to their failure when Burks' creations were being defeated by Glenn and Albert.


Early life

At some point prior to the main story, Eleanor joined and became second-of-command of Researchers of Divine Wisdom, which pursues the mastery and understanding magic, even to use sacrifices as necessary. During that time she became the maid of the Queen.

The Magic Games Festival

She is first seen walking down a hall talking to Zelos Draghart about Alzano Imperial Magic Academy's incident, Zelos asks why Alicia would go such a place. Eleanor tells him that the daughter of Queen Alicia attends the academy, with Zelos saying Alicia is concerned about her daughter's safety. As they enter a room, Eleanor informs Alicia that she brought the grand commander of the imperial guard discussing the Princess Ermiana's (whose under the identity Rumia Tingel) status at the academy.

During the festival, Eleanor tells Celica Arfonia the necklace she gave to Alicia was a curse and putting her life in to use for the Researchers of Divine Wisdom's mission. She then tells her that the only way to release the death curse if she wants to save Alicia. Later, she tries to flee from the festival as the conditional cursed necklace was destroyed, she was confronted by Albert Frazer. He questions her why she and her organization tried to kill the former princess Rumia, she replied with only two words, "Akashic Records". Before Re=L Rayford could attack her, Eleanor escapes, vanishing from the area.

Project: Revive Life

When Re=L join Gleen, Sistine, and Rumia in a school-trip, Rainer, who disguised himself as Re=L's brother, Sion, telling Eleanor they made preparations for the Amplifier, which they both seek their "dreams". As Rainer went to Re=L to make her believe that he was her brother that died 3 years ago, Albert scouts the beach, only for stopped by Eleanor's barrier. As both Albert and Eleanor's conversation ended, they engaged in combat, using both her necromancy and magic to sadistically fighting Albert. As they continued to fight, Albert senses Glenn being injured by Re=L, revealing Eleanor has been distracting him before retreating.

Soon after his success, Eleanor, Rainer, and Burks started to extract all her mana while Re=L was forced to watch her friend in suffering, Eleanor discovers that Albert put a magical signal on her. When Glenn and Albert invaded their laboratory and defeated Burks' creations, Eleanor mocks him as his creatures are killed by them. As Burks leaves the room to deal with Glenn, Eleanor orders Re=L to kill Glenn And Albert. Later, after Rainer's plan failed, Eleanor is seen holding the entire Project Revive Life ritual.


You're aware, aren't you, Zelos? The woman at the center of that incident was Princess Ermiana.
~ Eleanor to Zelos Draghart about Alzano Imperial Magic Academy's incident.
Queen Alicia, I've brought the guard commander of the imperial guard, Zelos.
~ Eleanor to Queen Alicia.
I've placed a conditional cursed necklace around Her Majesty's neck. We'll be putting Her Majesty's life to use. For our noble mission as Researchers of Divine Wisdom.
~ Eleanor revealing to Celica Arfonia that the necklace Queen Alicia is wearing has a death curse.
There's only way to release the death curse. If you want to save the Queen then by sundown-
~ Eleanor how to release the death curse.
I see the Empire's not entirely full of Blockheads. "Akashic Records". Let's just say that's what the princess is for.
~ Eleanor revealing her plans to Albert Frazer and Re=L Rayford.
Well, then... To that which we both seek.
~ Eleanor to Rainer Layer.
Are you all alone tonight, Albert?
~ Eleanor encountering Albert.
Come out, ah, come out, come out... Spirits of the night, answer my call, answer. Console and moisten themselves with his flesh and blood! Now, now, feast!
~ Eleanor using her necromancy against Albert Frazer.
What a cold man you are.
~ Eleanor to Albert.
My, my, what an impatient man you are. Ne need for such haste.
~ Eleanor to Albert.
Come forth, red king of beasts!
~ Eleanor using her magic.
You jest. You're simply far stronger than I had imaged, and so intense... I think I'm going to go crazy!
~ Eleanor to Albert about his strength.
Shall I continue the entertainment?
~ Eleanor continuing the fight against Albert.
What a shame! Time to depart! Explode!
~ Eleanor retreating.
Burks, that's enough.
~ Eleanor to Burks Blaumohn.
I see. So that's what it was.
~ Eleanor finding out Albert put a magical signal on her.
Impressive, Albert.
~ Eleanor impress with Albert's skills.
Did you truly think you could defeat them with something like that?
~ Eleanor mocking Burks' creation.
As expected, Glenn. That was handled splendidly, indeed.
~ Eleanor continuing to mock Burks.
Take note. Now, we'll leave the rest to your younger sister.
~ Eleanor to Rainer and sending Re=L to fight Glenn and Albert.
I cannot perish here, after all.
~ Eleanor Chalet.
Yes, we have it. The entire Project Revive Life ritual
~ Eleanor holding the ritual in her hand.


  • Eleanor is also one of the three villains from the series that is considered a Karma Houdini as for now. Other than Jatice Lowfan and the Leader of "Researcher of Divine Wisdom". Somewhat justified as the arc for both of them have not finished yet.
  • Eleanor is the only villain to appear in the chibi previews in the anime.
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