Oh, God! Where are all the men anymore? My father, Tyler Prentiss, never asked "Is this okay? Is this okay?" You know what I'm saying, Mark? He just did what needed to be done!
~ Eleanor Shaw

Eleanor Prentiss Shaw is the main villain of the 2004 movie The Manchurian Candidate. She is a ambitious senator and wants for her son to become president, going as far as having him brainwashed.

She is portrayed by Meryl Streep.


She convinces the party leaders into nominating her son for president of the United States, that pushes Tom Jordan, Raymond Shaw's opponent, out of the way. Tom later confronts them, in realization that Raymond was brainwashed, and tells him he should bow out gracefully from the campaign.

Furiously, Eleanor "activates" Raymond and uses him to kill Jordan. During the murder Raymond also kills Jordan's daughter Jocelyne. Afterwards she becomes upset with Manchurian Global, because they swore to her that the conspiracy would be covered up.

Given the mounting evidence, the FBI begins to take Marco's allegations seriously. They arrange a meeting between Marco and Shaw to convince Shaw of his condition. However, Shaw receives a phone call from Eleanor and hands the phone to Marco. Eleanor uses trigger words to control Marco's mind, giving him commands to assassinate the President-Elect so that Shaw can become president. It happens, though, that with the trauma of Jocelyne's death, Shaw is gaining resistance to his own mind control. During this phase, Raymond realizes that his mother has to be stopped. At the election party, Raymond directs the President-Elect away from the standing place where Marco, wielding a sniper rifle, is supposed to shoot him. Shaw looks up at the vent where Marco is giving him a nod of clearance to kill him. Shaw proceeds to dance with Eleanor and shift to that area purposely, which causes Marco to shoot, killing both of them with one shot.

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