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Elebug is the bug in Camp Lazlo episode Creepy Crawly Campy.


A larvae (that resembles a beetle) that Raj found after protecting Jelly Cabin from bugs in Creepy Crawly Campy. Elebug's head resembled Raj's head. At the end of the episode, Elebug came out of her cocoon. It was revealed that she had grown into a very large, monstrous insect (that resembles the extinct dragonfly Megauneura) during her time in her cocoon. Then, she and other monstrous insects like her carry some of the Bean Scouts. Her roar is the same of Godzilla's. Elebug isn't mentioned again after this. In the end, she kidnapped Scoutmaster Lumpus away, and the ending credits revealed that she has also gave birth to several babies that kidnapped the rest of Camp Kidney, a parody on the American Godzilla (Zilla Junior) from the 1998 film remake.


  • After become a monsterous bug, she becomes a homage of a Godzilla Kaiju, Kamercuras. She also makes the roar of Godzilla.
  • The episode she was in was almost like the Spongebob episode Wormy only this time it was a real beast.<null>

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