Electric Boogaloo

They say that disco is dead, but he's down with the dead.
~ Electric Boogaloo's description.
Electric Boogaloo has the beat...and he'll use it to deliver a beat-down. Watch out when he puts a troop of Dancing Zombies on the battlefield. They'll try to tap dance on your grave!
~ Crazy Dave's view on Electric Boogaloo.

Electric Boogalooo, or simply known as Boogaloo, is one of the secondary antagonists of the mobile game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. He is a Zombie Hero of Disco Zombie, who leads Beastly and Crazy classes.



Electric Boogaloo was originally a Disco Zombie, who later got infected with the ray from the Hero-Tron 1000 while attacking the plants.

Plant Missions

In Dance-off at the Disco, Electric Boogaloo can be seen as zapping Crazy Dave due to the fact he refused to let him and his backup dancers in the stage. Seeing this, Green Shadow, Solar Flare, Spudow, and Grass Knuckles had a dance-off against him. During the dance-off, Solar Flare used her DJ skills to help the other Plant Heroes defeat him.

Zombie Missions

Electric Boogaloo appeared in The Great Cave Raid alongside Super Brainz and Rusbolt to find a new lair in a cave, until Spudow popped up and suddenly attacked them. They had a fight until Super Brainz used a rope to tie Spudow's head from firing explosive buds.

Electric Boogaloo returned in When Fungi Attack to invade Nightcap's secret dojo hut alongside Super Brainz and Professor Brainstorm. After seeing them entering the hut, Nightcap attacked them with his mushroom team. They had a fight until Professor Brainstorm used his zapper to defeat him.

Powers and Abilities

For Electric Boogaloo, "alive" is a relative term.
~ Stayin' Alive description.

Electric Boogaloo can manipulate electricity, as he can blast bolts on enemies and heal himself from damages, as stated in Stayin' Alive.



  • The name "Electric Boogaloo" is the reference to the Epic Quest from Plants vs. Zombies 2 with the same name.
  • His signature superpower, Stayin' Alive, is the reference to the song with the same name by the Bee Gees.
  • In the trailer of the game, his alter-ego is the Disco Zombie.



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