The Electricman is the main protagonist of the famous online video game Electricman 2 HS. Electricman appears to be a stick figure with color that player chooses, arousing him.


Electricman finds out about the Tournament of Voltagen. In the tournament, combat teams of various numbers complete the battles against each other, to determine the strongest & powerful being in the whole universe. The current champion of the tournament was never defeated.

Round 1

Once Electricman entered the tournament, he got his list of combat teams that he has to defeat in the first round. Electricman has to fight against two Replicants, three The Frozens, three Cirrian Guards and four Toxic 10's. After Electricman defeated the four teams he gets moved to the second round.

Round 2

In the second round, Electricman has to battle against three Dozermens, three Pyromaniacs, five Reptilians and three The Plagues. Once Electricman finished the four combat teams he gets inside the third round with new four teams to fight against.

Round 3

As Electricman enters the third round, he has to battle with the same teams from Round 1 except Replicants, but this time the three teams have more members in their group to fight against Electricman and Electricman is fighting against three The Blinds. As Electrician battles all of them out and wins he gets into the fourth round.

Round 4

In the round four, Electricman has to battle with the same teams from round two again except Replicants as well the teams have more members in their group to battle against Electricman. As in round three, Electricman also has to battle with a new group. This one is owned by two members named Tech Team. After the fourth round finished, Electricman enters the Semi-Finals.

Semi Finals

In the Semi-Finals, they are just two clans from round two and four. Those we're The Blinds & Tech Team witch now have more members to fight against Electricman. Once Electricman defeated the two clans he enters the Championship.


Once Electricman won the four rounds & the semi-finals he gets the opportunity to fight in the championship with the strongest champion that no one defeated. The team is named Death. Once Electricman entered the battle he has to fight nine of them. Eventually, Electricman defeats them and becomes the new champion. In the end, Electricman gets a trophy and a letter congratulating him for defeating everyone.


Electric Man is a black stick figure with a body surrounded by pure electricity. At the beginning of the game, the player is able to decide what color the electricity wants to be. The six colors that the player is able to choose are yellow, green, orange, white, blue and turquoise.