Max Dillon, better known as Electro, is an antagonist in Spider-Man: The New Animated Series. Max was a nerdy, awkward high school friend of Peter Parker's and attended ESU with Peter. He attempted to fit into the "crowd" at ESU, wanting to be part of frat member Doug Reisman's inner circle before a freak accident turned him into a being of electricity, seeking vengeance against those who rejected him. He appears as Electro in the episodes "The Party" and "When Sparks Fly".

He was voiced by Ethan Embry.


Early Life

Max Dillon was a young man with only a handful of friends. He tried to become more popular in college but was often bullied for being a little awkward. After a prank by a group of Jocks, Max vented to his close friend Peter Parker about how he was sick of being the target of everyone else. In a quick move to climb up the social ladder, Max attempted to befriend a popular student named Doug Reisman only to be further ignored and rejected by his peers. However things started to look up for Max when Doug said he could come to a party he was hosting.

The Party

At the party, Max attempts to make some friends but is largely ignored by the others. As Max saw a girl he had a crush on named Sally. As he went to make a move on Sally someone in a robe grabbed Max and told him to follow them, as he was going to be welcomed into the frat. Once alone the entire frat reject and corner him before shooting paintball's at him. Humiliated and in pain Max runs as he is mocked by others at the party. He leaves the building, running across the streets in the rain until he eventually sees a neon sign. The sign from his view seems to say Max, getting interested he climbs up the fire escape to get a better view. He looks at the neon sign once again, only for it to turn out to be an ad for the energy drink called "Maximum Shock". Enraged, Max throws a bottle at the neon sign. In a freak accident involving the sign and a bolt of lightning Max is transformed into a being of pure energy and returns to the party for revenge. Upon returning to the party Max starts to electrocute Doug only for Sally to accidentally get shocked when she grabs Max. Showing remorse for hurting Sally, Max starts to blame Doug before ultimately killing him. Spider-Man shows up and attempts to stop Max before he can hurt anyone else. As Max hallucinates he starts to see others as Doug before Spider-Man restrains him. Upon restraining Max, Spider-Man, was forced to strike with a ground wire which seemingly killed Max leaving nothing behind.


In actuality, Max survived and was able transport himself anywhere that had a connection to the city's electrical system. Anyone who wasn't at the party assumed Max simply ran off but some who was there knew what happened and started to refer to Max as Electro. Rumors started to take off, questioning where Max was. Some even heard he was homeless. At this point Electro decided to bide his time in an attempt to become stronger and to find a way to replicate the freak accident that transformed him into pure energy. Wanting to be reunited with Sally he often tried to communicate with her through electrical devices. In a trial run of replicating the accident, Electro kidnaps professor Williams only to be foiled by Spider-Man, though he nearly killed the professor in his attempt. Realizing he needed more power and knowing where he could find it, Electro kidnapped Sally. As he was in the process of changing her Spider-Man showed up and tried to stop him. In the fight Electro realized Spider-Man had brought a HVSC in an attempt to stop him. After a brief struggle Electro is absorbed into the HVSC. To no avail Electro tries to escape and causes the HVSC overload but Spider-Man managed to throw it into the river. With nowhere to escape to, the HVSC explodes in the river, destroying what was left of Electro. Spider-Man, still feeling sympathy hopes that at last Max/Electro can find peace in death.


Before his transformation Max is portrayed as an insecure individual who attempted to hide it somewhat. While socially awkward Max seemed to desire to be popular since nearly everyone ignored him or barely seemed to notice him. Ultimately just seeking acceptance and companionship Max often let his judgement to be clouded in his attempts to become popular. After his transformation Max would also become known as Electro and desired revenge on those who tormented him and treated him like an outcast. Realizing he was now unable to ever have normal interactions his desire for a companion increases to a near obsession.

Powers and Abilities

Before his transformation Max was completely normal and seemingly weak but upon becoming Electro he became arguably one of the most powerful people on the planet. As a being of pure electricity Electro no longer needed food or other natural form of nutrients though seemingly needed electricity to sustain himself and to become stronger. Physical contact seemed to provide a painful electrical shock even when it's not his intention and makes fighting him difficult. Electro still retains his above average intellect and now is able to fly, drain, manipulate and project energy at will with no known limit. He however can be absorbed by equipment such as a ground wire, is seemingly hurt and can be killed if in contact with too much water.


  • Electro is one of the few villains in the show who was taken from the Spider-Man comics, as most of the villains in the show were original.
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