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Electro J. Fudd is a hunter descended from Elmer Fudd.
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He wears a large, high-tech suit and carries an assortment of hunting weapons.


His ancestors Elmer. J Fudd was killed by a giant squirel at least it said so and all of his ancestor was killed by an animal like his Eskimo ancestor was killed by a giant walrus and his Scottish ancestor was killed by a giant whale his caveman ancestor was killed a mastradon he also has the same phrase as Elmer, "rabbit tracks".

He was hired by Otto the Odd to capture Ace with terrible results and also getting Danger Duck accidentally in one of his traps. Later on, he changed his target to Danger Duck and used a net that negates his powers. Electro persuaded him that he's the "Greatest Action Hero in History" and went with Electro to Otto's lair.

When Otto the Odd decided to freeze Electro and Duck together, both of them had to work together to escape Otto the Odd. Once Otto was defeated, Electro was arrested.

He laughs just like Elmer. He also has trouble with the letter R just like Elmer. He also talks like him and says some things that Elmer Fudd would say.


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