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You win this round, but you haven't seen the last of Electronique! No prison can hold me! I'll be back!
~ Electronique's last words before being sent to prison

Electronique is a villain appearing in the episode "Stop Team Go" of the Disney animated series Kim Possible.

She was voiced by Kari Wahlgren.


Electronique was a villain of Go City who was able to utilize the power of electricity and use it for her own nefarious purposes. Originally imprisoned by Team Go, Electronique escaped and sought vengeance against Team Go for her imprisonment. After luring all of Team Go into a trap, she used the Attitudinator to change Team Go from good to evil. Unbeknownst to Electronique, Shego had since turned evil and she was turned to good instead.

With the majority of Team Go's members at her disposal, Electronique plotted to terrorize Go City and bring it to its knees by using the very superpowers that had previously kept it safe. Despite the Attitudinator's effect, Team Go still bickered like they used to, forcing Electronique to send them to find Shego, the one who had kept them in line and on track before they had disbanded so she could turn her evil. However, Shego came to them along with Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable and Rufus after seeing what her brothers were being forced to do for Electronique.

She was eventually defeated by Team Go (who had all become good) with assistance from Ron (who had temporarily resumed his evil identity as Zorpox the Conqueror). As Electronique was being escorted by Team Go back to prison, spewing out threats of her return, Ron used the Attitudinator on Electronique to ensure that she would never be a nuisance to Go City ever again.


Electronique is shown to possess a very bad temper which is often triggered by Team Go's constant bickering concerning things she believes to be pointless such as similes and metaphors. This also reveals how little patience she has, even for her own followers. Electronique is also very vengeful and won't let anything stand in her way when seeking it out such as Ron (as Zorpox the Conquerer) when he tried to steal the Attitudinator in an attempt to turn Kim evil. Her competency makes her roughly the most dangerous of the Go City villains.


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