The Eleki Clan Zontark are a clan of machine beings that emerged after the Banki Clan Gaiark's destruction and the main antagonists of the V-Cinema film Engine Sentai Go-Onger: 10 YEARS AFTER.


The Zontark initially teamed up with the Three Pollution Ministers of the Banki Clan Gaiark to gather electronic and machine parts. After gathering enough parts and constructing Grayzky, Noizoon backstabbed the Gaiark to claim the Human World for himself. The Zontark then attempted to conquer the Human World by brainwashing its population with Nova chips. However, the Go-Ongers, with the assistance of Kegalesia as KegaYellow, managed to defeat the Zontark and destroy Noizoon, causing the Nova chips to deactivate.




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