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Elektro-Ede is a one-time villain of the Austrian TV-show "Die heiße Spur". Along with Fritz Fantom, Rosso Robot and Dr. Gruselglatz, he is one of the four main antagonists of the two-parter-episode "Drachengold".

By his expertise in electronics and his behaviour, he's most likely a replacement for the recurring villain Rudi Rat, who was probably planned to appear in this episode instead, given that not only he and the other three were the most recurring villains in the show by that time, but also that he, Dr. Gruselglatz and Rosso Robot are all villains with expertise in electronics and the three electronic-based villains work together as an engineer team in this episode.


In the two-part episode, Rosso Robot, Dr. Gruselglatz, Fritz Fantom and Elektro-Ede, join a new villain called the White Knight in his scheme. During a conference via computer, the White Knight later accuses Fritz Fantom of trachery and has him imprisoned, leaving the more scientific based villains to work on the project. Eventually, Tom learns that they were building a robot dragon to plunder banks with. However, the White Knight betrays his allies with anesthetic gas, claiming that the robot will only steal for him. After Tom defeated the robot dragon, the White Knight is revealed to be Fritz Fantom, who faked his own captivity so there would be no questions why the two were never in one room. Realizing that he betrayed them, Dr. Gruselglatz, Rosso Robot and Elektro-Ede ran after him.


Like Rudi Rat, whom he seems to replace in this episode, Elektro-Ede had a bit of a crazy personality, leading him to constant giggles or talking very quick and shrill sometimes.

He seems to be very keen on profit, as when Fritz Fantom is apparently arrested by the White Knight's henchmen, he states that now there is more for them to share.

He is also very arrogant, not tolerating being accused of making technical mistakes. When the three villains later construct the dragon, they accuse each other of causing a malfunction: Rosso Robot accuses Dr. Gruselglatz, Dr. Gruselglatz accuses Elektro-Ede, and Elektro-Ede accuses Rosso Robot.


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