Elenwen is the Altmer first emissary of the Thalmor Embassy in Skyrim. She is the secondary Antagonist of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Execution at Helgen

She was present during the prisoner's execution in Helgen and managed to flee the city after Alduin attacked with General Tullius.

Skirmish at the Thalmor Embassy

The Dragonborn was listed by Delphine in the list of guests of a party on the Thalmor Embassy, so he could steal some information about the return of the dragons and confirm if the Thalmor were behind the return of the dragons. While Elenwen was at the party, the Dragonborn slipped away from the party and killed loads of Thalmor Agents in his/her way to Elenwen's Quarters. The Dragonborn then killed Rulindil and Gissur, two thalmor agents who were interrogating a thief called Etienne Rarnis who possibly knew information about the dragons. The Dragonborn managed to interrogate the thief (pretending to be a Thalmor) and learned that the Thalmor weren't involved, but where as puzzled as the Dragonborn and Delphine.

Pursuit in the Ratways

Furious because of the attack on her embassy and the Dragonborn learning Thalmor secrets, she sent an assassin named Shavari to kill the Dragonborn and Esbern (an ancient friend of Delphine) in the Ratways underneath Riften. The Dragonborn managed to kill Shavari and other Thalmor Assassins.

War Negotiations

During the negotiations of Skyrim's civil war, the Dragonborn may choose to allow her to stay or force her to leave.


After the negotiations, the Dragonborn may murder her while she is going back to the embassy, but it is completely optional. Even if she wasn't killed, there is a very high chance that her corpse may be found in the wilds. The reason for her death in the wilds is because on the way to the embassy, there are countless enemies and random encounters (bandits, wolves, bears, sabre cats, orc hunters, stormcloaks, etc...) and she will probably die because of them. There is a very low chance that she will be encountered in random encounters with necromancers as a dead thrall, which will attack the Dragonborn on sight. Resuming, she can be killed in ANY way after the negotiations. In rare cases, she will make to the embassy and can be found on her quarters where she can be killed.


If Elenwen dies, she drops the following items.

  • Thalmor Robes.
  • Thalmor Gloves.
  • Thalmor Boots.
  • Leveled dagger.
  • Gold.
  • Random drops.
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