Elephorca is the field commander of the Blendtrons as well as their system of transportation. With a single swipe of his fist he can shatter reality itself and travel through time and space in an artificial black hole. As a warrior of Unicron all senses of justice and sympathy have been drained from his body, leaving him an emotionless killing machine. The tusks on his shoulders are his pride and his symbol. Should anybody even so much as touch them he erupts in a chaotic fury, obliterating the opposition. He is possibly the most powerful Blendtron, able to grow to enormous sizes at will, and easily the most feared.

Sometimes there are lots of him. Oh crap.

Beast Wars Neo cartoon

Voice actor: Yoshinobu Kaneko (Japanese)

Elephorca is the smartest of all the Terrorcons and constructs their battle plans and calls out the orders during a fight. Elephorca and the other Terrorcons totally made both Optimus Prime and Magmatron look like wusses, and stole the Angolmois capsules.They would then later use these capsules to revive Unicron in the body of Galvatron. As a shoddy consolation gift, Unicron proceeded to absorb the Terrorcons into himself.

Beast Wars Neo manga

Elephorca, like the other Terrorcons, was produced in mass numbers by Unicron in his "Black Ball" form, and were sent out to seek Angolmois capsules. One of the planets they attacked was Jörmungandr, where they exterminated most of the population; an Elephorca personally killed Cohrada's father. However, the Terrorcons were unable to find the Angolmois capsule there.

When Magmatron's troops dwindled, the Black Ball, who was manipulating the Maximals and the Predacons to gather the Angolmois, offered its Blendtrons as replacements.

With the Terrorcons, Magmatron set up a trap at an amphitheater floating in Cybertron orbit for the Maximals. When the Maximals arrived, Cohrada recognized the murderers of his race and leapt to action, only to be impaled by an Elephorca. With the Elephorcas threatening the lives of his underlings, Optimus Prime was forced to give up the Angolmois capusles. Subsequently, a Rartorata backstabbed Magmatron, revealing the Terrorcons' true allegiance to Unicron! When six capsules were consumed by the Black Ball, Unicron revealed himself, but admitted that he was incomplete without the Angolmois energy found in both Magmatron and Optimus Prime. The Blendtrons were sicced on the two, but were all defeated by Optimus Prime and Magmatron on their way to attack Unicron himself. After Unicron acquired the Angolmois he needed from Magmatron and obtained Cybertron as a new body, he was lured to the Georgian system by the Maximals. There, Unicron was trapped by crowded and exploding planets. The Maximals picked the opportunity to attack, but Unicron spat out another Terrorcon army to confront the Maximals. They were held at bay by the Maximals, allowing Optimus Prime to make the final strike on Unicron.