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Eli Higginson is a supporting antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. He appeared as a minor antagonist in 2021.

He was portrayed by Liam Scholes.


Eli Higginson first came to Weatherfield in May 2021 when his rebellious friend Corey Brent invited him to go out along with love interest Kelly Neelan and their friends. They went out together along with Corey's girlfriend Asha Alahan and her classmates Amy Barlow and Summer Spellman. At some point, fellow teenagers Nina Lucas and Seb Franklin get involved with the gang. Eli soon joins Corey in daring Kelly to slap Nina, which causes Summer to run off whilst both Asha and Amy have already left to spend time together.

Nina then leaves with Seb to explain what is going on, and Corey decides to attack them to which Eli willfully joins in. They attack Nina and Seb to the brink of death and the pair are hospitalized as a result; although Nina survives, Seb unfortunately dies from the extent of his injuries. Afterwards, the police begin an investigation on Seb's murder and Nina's attack. Corey is advised by his father Stefan Brent to allow both Eli and Kelly to be implicated behind the murder, and in doing so Corey is released without charge whereas Eli is arrested and held in police custody for the incident.


  • The storyline where Eli joins Corey in brutally attacking Nina and Seb, to the point where the latter gets killed-off in the process, was inspired by a real-life incident surrounding the Murder of Sophie Lancaster in 2007.