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Your days are numbered, Bat-freak! We'll see each other again.
~ Eli Knable as he is being arrested by the GCPD.
Keep one eye on the sky, jerkoffs. Heaven's gonna fall on your goddamn hands!
~ Eli Knable warning the GCPD about the Riddler.
The only thing I'm scared of more than dying… is pissing him off. You've seen his machines! He can hurt you in ways they don't got names for.
~ Eli Knable while being interrogated by Batman. (determinant)

Eli Knable is a minor antagonist in Batman: The Enemy Within. He is the right-hand man of the Riddler and a member of his gang.

He is portrayed by Alex Hernandez, who also voiced Lincoln Clay in Mafia III.


Early life

Much of Knable's background is unknown, but what is known is that he joined the Riddler's gang at one point, and eventually became the Riddler's second-in-command. However, Knable witnessed how gruesome the Riddler's torture machines were, so he took whatever orders the Riddler gave him, as he grew increasingly terrified of him.

Episode One: The Enigma

Knable was among the men who came with the Riddler to the Virago casino and blocked the entrances to the casino so that James Gordon and the GCPD can't interfere with them as the Riddler traps Rumi Mori in one of his torture devices and saws off two of his fingers. When Batman interferes, Knable grabs a wrench and attempts to kill him by breaking his skull, but Batman gets the better of him and defeats him.

After the Riddler escapes, Knable is arrested by the GCPD, tells Batman that they'll inevitably see each other again, and warns the GCPD that the Riddler is coming after them. However, after Amanda Waller and the Agency's interference, they capture Knable and take over the GCPD, putting him into one of their holding cells, and brutally torture him to get information on the Riddler's whereabouts. However, Knable doesn't give them any information, due to being too afraid of the Riddler.

Bruce Wayne can choose to visit either Knable as Batman, or Mori as himself. If he chooses to interrogate Knable, the latter will beg for him to be released from the Agency's custody and be safe from the Riddler. Knable still doesn't break, as he still fears the Riddler's wrath and that he can destroy the Agency anytime he desires by launching his missiles with his signal. Because of this, Batman can either brutally torture him, or bluff him with a false signal.

If Batman chooses to torture Knable, he will slam him against the wall and bash his skull by punching him up to a minimum of five times, then slam him hard against the table, and Knable tells him that the Riddler is on a ship in Gotham Bay called the Lady of Dublin, and that it is where he'll launch the missiles, and then goes unconscious because of the head trauma he endured. Renee Montoya barges into the room and calls out Batman because of it, while Waller justifies Batman's means.

If Batman chooses to bluff Knable, he will use a non-violent means with a false signal, with Knable left thinking that the missiles will kill everyone in the GCPD headquarters and telling Batman that the Riddler is on a ship in Gotham Bay called the Lady of Dublin and that the missiles are located there as well, and then goes into a catatonic state while telling Batman that he is just as crazy as the Riddler. Waller is unimpressed with Batman's means, while Montoya is relieved that Batman held back.

Regardless of whether or not Batman was brutal with Knable, after Tiffany Fox kills the Riddler with a poison dart, Gordon will still call out Batman for his interrogation with Knable, and end their partnership, while Waller harasses him for being supposed to have been the one who has gotten answers from the Riddler instead of Batman.


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