You are a stupid man, Abel. You've let someone come in here and walk all over us. You let him in and do his work here, and you are a stupid man for what we could have had.
~ Eli Sunday to Abel Sunday.
I am a false prophet! God is a superstition!
~ Eli Sunday to Daniel Plainview, revealing his greedy nature.

Eli Sunday is the deuteragonist villain of the 2007 epic drama film There Will Be Blood. Eli is one of the members of the Sunday family. He is one of the children of Abel Sunday and the brother of Paul and Mary Sunday.

He was portrayed by Paul Dano who also played Eli's twin brother, Paul.


Eli is a "preacher" from a cult called the Church of the Third Revelation and twin brother of Paul (who is a priest-in training). He was the person who "blessed" Daniel's oil rig. Due to the "blessing" (which is actually the first curse placed on Daniel by Eli) made by Eli, the oil rig exploded. After the incident, Eli blamed it for not being "blessed" even though he was the one who is responsible for the curse. When Eli came to Daniel, Daniel slapped Eli and dragged him by the hair for not healing his son. Eli was then stuffed with mud. Eli later beats his father for supporting Daniel. During Daniel's so-called "baptism" (which was actually the second curse placed on Daniel by Eli), Eli abuses Daniel by slapping him and yelling at him for not accepting the cult. Later that night, he abuses Abel for letting Paul deal with Daniel.

Because of Daniel's so called "baptism", Daniel was cursed for a second time with various events such as an impostor posing as Daniel's brother, H.W. attempts to murder Daniel and Daniel becoming a crazy man. Near the end of the movie, he became a radio "preacher". Eli then asks Daniel that there's oil in William Bandy's land. However, the oil in the land has already been sucked by other surrounding oil rigs. As a result of the news told to Eli, he began to cry while Daniel mocks him for the events that Daniel suffered after being "blessed" and "baptized". After Eli was exposed for being a charlatan, the tables have turned on Eli for cursing Daniel through baptism and blessing of Daniel's oil well. Due to this, Eli was later killed by Daniel with a bowling pin. This murder is for Daniel to end the curse placed on him by Eli and for Eli to be damned in Hell (due to the fact that Eli had admitted of following The Devil during his lifetime).

It is unknown what happen to Eli's corpse but given his status as a charlatan, his corpse may have been buried unmarked (based on what Daniel said when he beats up Eli), cremated (given that oil can burn when expose to heat), dumped into the Pacific (based on the location of the movie), crucified in the vein of St. Peter (as a warning sign to those who are charlatans who misused God's name and those who cursed anyone) or cannibalized by Daniel (based on what Daniel said when he was about to murder Eli) in order to hide evidence and that bowling alley may have been clean up by Daniel's butler to wipe Eli's blood. It is also most likely that the Church of the Third Revelation may have been shut down by the police for abusing its followers and for fraud despite Eli getting away with the crimes he committed. It is also most likely that the Sunday family (especially Paul) have distrusted Eli for what he did to everyone.

Paul's relation to Eli is unknown but it is most likely that Paul hated his brother possibly due to Eli being a Christian extremist.



  • The actions that Eli did to Daniel and anyone else around him are against the values of Christianity. Here are the things Eli did that are against the values of Christianity with biblical quotes that are against these actions:
    • Spreading false news under God's name (Matthew 7:15).
    • Disguising a cult as a legitimate church (John 1:7-11).
    • Performing exorcisms without the approval of legitimate churches such as the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.
    • Cursing Daniel through "blessing" and "baptism" (Matthew 5:43-47).
    • He didn't went to a monastery like his brother did.
    • Mocked someone against their own will.
    • Him being worshipped as a "prophet".
    • Abusing someone.
    • Swearing and threatening during "healing".
    • Hypocrisy which was shown when he deals with the Devil and cursing people who "blessing" and "baptism".
    • Dishonoring family.
    • Worshiping strange Gods especially the Devil.
  • Eli also violates the Ten Commandments with his actions:
    • Thou shalt have no other gods before me (Eli admits of worshiping the Devil)
    • Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain (Eli is the leader of a cult that pretends to be a Christian church)
    • Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy (Eli breaking Christian values)
    • Honor thy father and thy mother (Eli hated his family)
    • Thou shall not kill/harm (Eli abuses Daniel and Abel)
    • Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor (Eli lying about Daniel and his business especially during incidents involving Daniel).
  • Eli was originally played by Kel O'Neill.
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