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This is the real Purge, the Forever Purge.
~ Elijah's most famous quote.

Elijah Hardin also known as Alpha is the main antagonist of the 2021 action horror film The Forever Purge, the fifth installment of The Purge franchise. He is the psychopathic and racist leader of The Purge Purification Force, a paramilitary terrorist organization trying to save America through purging, even when it's over by law.

He is portrayed by Jeffrey Doornbos.


After the NFFA were removed from power, the Purge was disbanded. However, Elijah was the one who is responsible for creating the "Forever Purge" program, which caused people continue to purge. When they continued to purge, things start fall apart. The law enforcement was paralyzed, the streets were in chaos, and the buildings were on fire. The protagonist, Adela witnessed people being slaughtered in the vans of Purification, after arriving at the safehouse.

At El Paso, the border checkpoint to Mexico was opened for the next six hours, however it was under martial law due to the purgers wreaking havoc, and NFFA sends the military to suppress the riots. When Adela and her husband with other friends trying to get through the border, the group were being confronted by Elijah and his second-in-command Mother, Elijah convinced Dylan to kill Adela and Juan, to prove he's real American. When he refused, he killed T.T., one of his friends, before Elijah can kill Juan, NFFA soldiers arrived and told them to drop the weapons, which ended up starting a gunfight and the death of Mother by Dylan.

After Mother's death, Elijah grows more obsessed with the group's death. At the border, Elijah and his group fought Juan, Dylan and Adela, also with native chieftain Chiago. After all of his men were killed, Elijah held Adela captive, before being killed by Juan.

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