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Elio Grande is a supporting antagonist in the second and third season of the CW series Riverdale. He is a young man who is a businessman, gambler as well as the son of a family of gangsters who cover their criminal activities through business in casinos.

He was portrayed by Julian Haig.


Season 2

Elio first appears in Season 2 as one of the suitors introduced to Veronica Lodge by her parents in order to create a business and political alliance. Of all the suitors, Elio has a proposition that interests Veronica as he operates a large chain of casinos. The young man is therefore invited to the Pop restaurant by Veronica and makes an agreement about the "Sweetwater Casino". However, Veronica later abandons the deal when Hiram Lodge tells her that Elio's family's casino business covers secretly criminal activities.

Season 3

Elio returns in Season 3 and is a guest at Veronica's speakeasy, La Bonne Nuit. She asks him for help as she is worried about Archie who has been transferred to a juvenile detention center. Elio accepts but on the condition of getting something in return. He therefore accompanies Veronica in the bleachers of the Seaside ring and reassures her by saying that Archie always wins the fights. In exchange for her help, Elio wants to make Veronica's speakeasy a casino and they make a new deal on condition that they keep it between them. During the evening, Elio bets all his winnings against Veronica in blackjack. However, she narrowly wins, allowing her to keep Pop's and collect Elio's winnings, much to the latter's frustration.

When Elio sets up a boxing match, Archie approaches him and offers to be Randy's opponent and Elio accepts on the condition that Archie loses to him. Later, Archie gives up on the fight but Elio stops him saying that dangerous men have bet on Randy's victory and if it doesn't go as planned they will go after Elio and then Archie. Right before the fight, Archie comes back to Elio and returns the money to him while canceling their deal, causing Elio to order Randy to kill Archie in the ring. But during the fight, Archie is still alive and Randy wins.

During a new fight started by Archie, Elio dopes Randy before the duel and orders him to finish off the teenager. But during the fight, Archie knocks out Randy who does not get up and who is taken to the hospital. His death is announced by the doctor and Archie denounces Elio who doped his boxer, although the young man denies the accusation. Elio manages to incriminate Archie and Mad Dog and interrupts an interview with the Ronson family by accusing Archie of murder.

Later, Elio comes to Archie to give him the money which is his reward for the Gilded Gloves tournament, however Archie refuses and asks him to leave. Leaving the gym, Elio is confronted by Archie who demands his check to give to the Ronson family. Elio refuses and Archie tackles him against his car and takes the money by force before leaving. The next day, Elio has a conversation with Hiram who tells him that he will support him financially. Worried about Archie, Hiram reassures Elio that he will take care of him. It is unknown what happened to Elio afterwards, but it is likely that he continues his criminal affairs.


Elio is an ambitious, manipulative and criminal young businessman. Although he doesn't often show his emotions and seems rather affable, he is actually power-hungry and opportunistic. He is willing to use morally ambiguous means to achieve his ends and is violent when he fails to do so. He is also homicidal as he asks his boxer Randy to kill Archie, although he fails. He is also very arrogant, but this personality trait is exploited as a weakness by Veronica and she manages to foil his plans thanks to it.


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