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Elisa Montoya is a one-shot villainess from CBS' short-lived Rush Hour series. She appeared in the episode, "Welcome Back, Carter."

She was played by Lisa Roumain.

Elisa Montoya is the leader (or "Capo") of the infamous Sinaloa Cartel (One of the most powerful Mexican drug cartels) and a notorious criminal looking to control the market of a drug known as "raxxa," which has been spreading at a prep school. She sent her henchman, Diego Ortiz, to kill an undercover cop posing as a student. Later in the episode, the evil Elisa had Dakota kidnapped, unaware that she was being recorded. However, Dakota had Elisa recorded on her phone, as she stated to her intended victim that she has killed people who steal from her. In the end of the episode, Lee and Carter confront Elisa at her home and play the recording back to her, leading to Elisa being arrested for abduction and murder.

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