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Do your best, child!
~ Elise's main quote.

Elise is a female vampire with a rather big bust. She wears wings on her arms and thigh high boots. Her outfit consists of nothing but belts to cover certain areas. She always has bats surround her to protect her. She is the 9th boss in the video game Madworld. She's ranked 18th in Deathwatch.


Elise is the final boss in the mad castle level. Before the boss battle begins towers explode and try to fall onto Jack, probably to increase her chance to beat Jack. She uses her bats to protect herself from Jack's chainsaw. She disappears periodically and hides inside the castle. When she hides her health slowly heals and uses her bats to attack Jack.

If Jack finds Elise, a power struggle commences. In this power struggle, Jack grabs Elise's wings and forces them to the side. Elise then tries to use her "headlights" to distract Jack. Elise tries to bite Jack, but Jack headbutt Elise to prevent that. After Elise is defeated, Jack cuts off Elise's wings and spanks Elise's behind three times using his mechanical arm.

After the third spank, Elise is tossed to the stained glass on the church. It's unknown if Elise is dead or not.



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