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Get ready!
~ Elite Guards prepare to ambush and kill B.J. Blazkowicz

The Elite Guards (German: Elitewachen) are special SS squads consisting entirely of women. Trained by Helga von Bulow and later by Marianna Blavatsky, the Elite Guards are fanatically loyal to them. They are first encountered in The Defiled Church of Wulfburg where they help Helga and doctor Zemph to extract the fluids from the corpse of third Dark Knight and later they help Marianna Blavatsky to perform the anointing ceremony without any disturbance in Unhallowed Ground near Chateau Schufstaffel. Their last appearance occurs in the ruins of Castle Wolfenstein where together with Black Guards they put up fierce resistance to zombies who threaten to overrun the castle (they are wounded and heavily battered). These women are ruthless and efficient killers hence the name of their organization.


The member of Elite Guard squad can be only a woman but before she can become a member, she must go through extremely physical exercises to prove their strength. It is unclear what, if any ranks exist within the Elite Guard squad. They are regularly seen giving orders to regular soldiers so their overall status appears equal to that of officers or NCOs. Initially they take orders directly from Helga. After her death, they are under the command of Marianna Blavatsky and it is unclear who commands after her.

Elite Guards are very rarely taken by surprise, are always cautious and are highly nimble and athletic.

As they are specifically created for SS Paranormal Division they are often send to the places and mission involving occultism and paranormal occurrences such as exploring the ruined cathedral of Wulfburg or the ceremonies involving raising the dead. They are rumored to be a part of a witches' coven which means if one of them dies, others feel this which fuels their anger.


Elite Guards are young women who wear a tight, black leather uniform and high-heeled boots. Sometimes they can also wear two piece leather uniforms that leave their midriffs exposed. Some of them also wear a black beret on their heads along with shades. In the missions that take in African Tombs, a member wears camo and sandy colored uniform.


The Elite Guards are primarily armed with Sten Submachine Guns or suppressed Lugers. They can sometimes carry MP40s (and in some modifications they are equipped with MP34s). The sniper variant of the Elite Guard, will be armed with a Mauser Rifle; despite it having no scope, they still can hit you at very long distances with amazing accuracy even before you see them, plus with the fog that is blurring your vision, it just makes spotting them much more difficult.


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  • Halt!
  • You are dead, American!
  • It's the American!
  • Take cover!
  • Get ready!
  • Die!
  • Achtung!
  • You are outnumbered!
  • Cover me!
  • We're under attack!
What are you gawking at?! You’ll see worse than this if you don’t get moving! Stop standing around with the thumbs in your mouths and start searching the area! Keep your eyes out for the American!
~ The member of the Elite Guard orders lesser ranked Soldiers
Oh, you’re convinced, aren’t you? How reassuring. We can all rest easy now I suppose. Get moving now, before I shoot you on the spot!
~ The member of the Elite Guard threatens lesser ranked Soldiers
Alright, Madame Blavatsky will begin the ceremony anytime now. Once she begins make sure you do not look at the direction of the ruins.
~ The member of the Elite Guard tells other Soldiers about the dangers of the ceremony
If you look… well. First your blood will begin to boil and after that… Well, it doesn’t really matter after that, ja? Stand your posts here and make sure you don’t lose power, understood?!
~ The member of the Elite Guard orders lesser ranked Soldiers


  • Interestingly, the standard issue of the Elite Guard is the British Sten. These Sten submachine guns were likely captured British units or Gerät Potsdams, nearly identical German knock-offs of the real weapon purposefully made to resemble Stens for clandestine purposes.
  • Oddly, despite being SS, the Reichsadler insignias on their uniforms are of the Luftwaffe design.



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