Elizébet is the Queen of the Greater Fiends of Vazdah and a supporting antagonist of Ninja Gaiden II.


Long ago, Elizébet and the rest of Vazdah's Greater Fiends were sealed away in never-ending sleep by the ninjas of the Dragon Lineage. However she was awakened by the Infernal High Priest, Dagra Dai, who commanded her to retrieve the demon statue guarded by the Dragon Lineage, which was needed to awaken the other Greater Fiends and free Vazdah. Elizébet approached Genshin, Overlord of the Black Spider Clan, and offered to bring glory to his clan, along with the demise of the Dragon Lineage, if he helped her. With the Black Spider ninjas aiding her, Elizébet stole the demon statue from the Castle of the Dragon and headed around the world, freeing the other Greater Fiends, Alexei, Volf, and Zedonius. The Ruler of the Crimson Blood then went to South America where the home of the Necromantale cult was located and presented the empowered demon statue to Dagra Dai.
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Elizébet's fiend form

The Infernal High Priest then ordered Elizébet to eliminate Ryu Hayabusa, who'd been following her, and she confronted him in her fiend form after emerging from a pool of blood. However the Dragon Ninja defeated her and as the pool of blood drained, she disappeared along with it. Later when Genshin was brought down by Ryu, Elizébet transformed him into a fiend, but the Black Spider Overlord lost to him again. The Ruler of Crimson Blood appeared and scorned him for failing again, which only enraged the Dragon Ninja, who brought her down with the True Dragon Sword and Blade of the Archfiend.


Elizébet is quite powerful due to being a Greater Fiend and is able to fly using her wings. She can perform lightning fast dash attacks, slash with her extended nails, and lash out at targets with her pointed tail.


  • Elizébet is most likely named after Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary, who was also known as the Blood Countess and Countess Dracula.
  • She actually only met Alexei during Ninja Gaiden II and none of the other Greater Fiends.
  • In her fiend form, Elizébet has butterfly-like wings and her spine/tail is exposed through her lower body.
  • She appearently has the same rank as Doku as Doku being the Lord of the Greater Fiends of Vigoor and Elizébet being the Queen of the Greater Fiends of Vazdah.


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