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“I will break you”

~ Eliza trying to destroy Craig and Jason’s bond

Eliza is the leader of the Tea Timers and the main antagonist of the episode “The Invitation”.


Eliza is a girl who seems to be close to J.P.'s age with pink (possibly either dyed or a wig) hair, dark red eyes, and light pink skin. She wears a white tiara with hot pink hearts, a light pink dress with a white skirt and hot pink bow on the back, and long, white gloves. She also wears hot pink boots, as shown when she is hit in the face by some of Kelsey's chicken papirkash thrown by Boris.


At first, Eliza is shown to be a sweet, innocent, and polite girl who is kind to those who come to her party, however, she is shown to be devious and self-serving, having invited kids who hate each other just so she and the other Tea Timers could watch them fight for their own amusement. She is also shown to be dishonest, having lied to her guests about a cake, which turned out to be made of cardboard, just so they would come to their party.


  • Eliza bears a resemblance to Princess Peach from the Super Mario franchise.
  • In "The Invitation", it is revealed that Eliza's family is rich, possibly explaining her overall princess appearance and personality.
    • It is also revealed that her mother gives her dance classes.
  • Her personality is very similar to Darla Dimple from Cats Don't Dance.

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