Eliza is a character found in the videogame World of Warcraft, in life she was Abercrombie's faithful bride but in death she has found herself cursed to an undead existence by her foul necromantic husband, who has his heart stored within her to ensure his immortality.


Eliza was originally a presumably beautiful and loving wife to Abercrombie but upon death the necromancer revived her with forbidden magic and went as far as putting his own heart in her body - this new existence drove Eliza mad and cannibalistic, in the original lore Abercrombie has the player hero kill Eliza and bring back his heart (which he then puts into Stitches).

In the new lore Eliza is no longer a hideous monster but a more haunting and tragic "bride" who can be found in the hut her malicious husband once inhabited, waiting on him but attacking any that stray close.


In her original appearance Eliza was a monstrous Ghoul and thus barely human at all, in her current form Eliza is a more humanoid zombie who has dressed herself in the manner of a new bride, carrying a lantern and a bunch of roses, she has the curse of decay but retains more of her humanity than before, making her tragedy much more apparent.


Eliza is an unfortunate and tormented soul that sees herself as beautiful but is driven mad by her new existence, thus she engages in cannibalism and murder - unable to control her undead urges.


  • Undead-Physiology
  • Lantern
  • Eliza's Guardian


  • In her original form Eliza utilized a Ghoul model in-game and was thus much more monstrous in appearance, her new look is more in-keeping with her themes of a tragic bride, though she is now a rare mob and not connected to the Abercrombie quest chain.
  • The hut Eliza now haunts was were Abercrombie used to be found in the old game, until he moved to a tower in the current game.
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