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You want money? I can give you that.
~ Eliza making an excuse to Amy for survival.

Eliza Schultz is a major antagonist of the second season of The Punisher. She is the co-founder and vice CEO of Testament Industries, who supports her husband's plans to rule the world.

She was portrayed by Annette O'Toole.


She aided her husband in his plans to take over the world. After Anderson hired John Pilgrim to kill both Frank Castle and Amy Bendix, she took care of John's kids, and helped his wife Rebecca to recover. Later, she discusses with Anderson and they both decide to betray John. However, unlike her husband, she did not even want to pay John for his work. Frank Castle then phoned Anderson and threatened to kill their son, David. While Anderson cared more about his own name and about killing Frank than to save his own son, Eliza was protective and she gave Frank a chance, offering to set Amy free in return for David. John set Amy free. Frank however did not return David to his parents, thus forcing John to fight him. She then discusses issues again with Anderson. Amy however interrupts as she points a gun at both of the Andersons. Eliza offers her money, but she refuses to keep Eliza and Anderson alive. Anderson angrily demands Amy to drop her gun. Eliza then tries to reach the kitchen knife in order to stab Amy to death, but is shot by Frank, who then coerces her husband into killing himself for their crimes.


She is ruthless, demanding, bossy and cruel, and she would do anything to aid her husband in his goals and get both rich and powerful. However, unlike her husband, she is kind of protective towards their son, David Schultz.


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Eliza Schultz


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