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Elizabeth Barker

Elizabeth Barker is a minor antagonist in CSI: NY, appearing as an antagonist in "The Box".

She was portrayed by Erin Cardillo.


Elizabeth Barker is the wife of Steve Barker, and the couple's backstory revealed that they made numerous attempts to become pregnant, but they were unsuccessful. A visit to the doctor revealed that Elizabeth would never be able to conceive a child, sending the already baby-obsessed Elizabeth into a tailspin. The couple made attempts to adopt, but Elizabeth's growing mental instability made things difficult. With Elizabeth's obsession growing, Steve convinced his wife to talk to Dr. Lori Winton, Elizabeth's childhood friend and a doctor at Life Systems medical clinic, and it was there that Lori encountered a pregnant teen named Nicole Harris, who was looking to abort her child. Lori decided to send Nicole to the Barkers, who paid Nicole to adopt her baby.

All parties agreed to the arrangement, with Nicole changing her mind on abortion. However, as the due date got closer, Nicole also changed her mind on giving up her baby, and later gave the Barkers their money back. Nicole turned down a more lucrative payment during an argument, which resulted in Steve grabbing Nicole and accidentally causing her to fall down the stairs, killing her. Not wanting to wait for an ambulance, Steve cut the baby out of Nicole and placed her body in the trunk of his car, which he later ditched when the body started decomposing.

As for Elizabeth, she finally had what she wanted, a baby. The deranged villainess covered up for their actions while being interviewed by Stella Bonasera and Danny Messer, as Elizabeth claimed that their car was stolen. However, the investigation ended up revealing the couple's role in Nicole's death and the abduction of her baby, and while Steve was interrogated by Mac Taylor, the evil Elizabeth escaped with the baby, with Danny revealing that she was holed up in a gas station restroom in Brooklyn. Elizabeth was shown in the restroom holding the baby and crying, telling police to leave her alone, while brandishing a pair of scissors, suggesting that she was planning on harming the baby. Stella entered and managed to talk Elizabeth down from her maniacal fit, leading to Stella handcuffing and arresting Elizabeth for her crimes.


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