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Countess Elizabeth Bathory is the main antagonist of Elizabeth J. Braswell's novel What Once Was Mine, a "what if…?" of the Disney movie Tangled where Rapunzel receives the wrong flower and gains the moon powers instead of the sun powers. She is based on the historical person of the same name.


Countess Elizabeth Bathory even before the story started was already a horrible Serial Killer who kidnapped tons of young girls killed them and bathed in their blood to remain young. She did this after the blood of a servant accidentally got on her and discovered it made her skin youthful. She also killed that same servant and bathed in her blood.

Bathory would do this for many years and eventually she learned about Rapunzel a baby whose hair killed people in certain circumstances. Bathory immediately wanted this baby to herself and for her life would try and buy her off Mother Gothel who the royal family had given her too. During the present Bathory somehow learns that Rapunzel leaves the tower that she had been kept in. Bathory immediately starts chasing her down. It's unknown exactly when but at some point Bathory burns down the Snuggly Duckling in an attempt to get Rapunzel.

Bathory much later on would get her hands on Rapunzel. She would have a dinner with Rapunzel where she explained her motives she wanted to use Rapunzel to take over the entire world by killing anyone she needed to. She is also open about how many people she has killed, which is actually what Rapunzel wants, someone who actually tells the truth and is open, though Bathory is just using this for manipulation.

Bathory manages to get her hands on Flynn Rider during his rescue attempt of Rapunzel. He threatens to kill him and Magda and drain their blood if Rapunzel does not give a demonstration of her moon powers. Bathory was seconds away from killing Flynn until Rapunzel got her moon powers to work collapsing her castle. The four are only barely able to escape with Bathory trying desperately to cling onto Rapunzel the whole way. Once they all escape Bathory is arrested and put in jail for her many crimes.


  • Elizabeth Bathory is spelt like that in the actual novel unlike how it is usually pronounced as Báthory.
  • Bathory and King Yama are the only main antagonists of A Twisted Tale novel to not be based on a Disney character but instead a historical one.

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