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Elizabeth Bathory was a Hungarian woman of the noble family Bathory who was also a reputed serial killer who had killed well over 600 virgin women for their blood. Elizabeth Bathory was the subject of the Swedish extreme metal band Bathory, having been featured in their song "Woman of Dark Desires" which could be found in their album Under the Sign of the Black Mark.


Elizabeth is described as being a narcissistic countess who desperately wanted to stave off aging for as long as she could. Eventually, she saw what she believed to have been an answer to her prayers when she found that the blood of virgin women appeared to revert the aging process. As such, Elizabeth began her killing spree.

On one such night, Elizabeth arranges to have a huge banquet where she lured several women to it. Come the next day, sixty women had been slaughtered and drained of their blood in a mass bloodletting. Much like other versions of her tale, Elizabeth was strongly implied to have indulged in bathing in the blood of the virgin women she had killed.

Her psychotic reign of terror would eventually come to an end as death arrived to collect her. Despite this, Elizabeth is noted to have not felt remorse for any of her many murders. She would be locked away in a personal prison until her death.

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