Elizabeth "Liz" Harris

Elizabeth "Liz" Harris is a major antagonist of the 2011 British-German-French psychological thriller action film Unknown

She is portrayed by January Jones.

Liz is an assassin working for Dr. Rodney Cole who plays as the wife of Dr. Martin Harris, both part of a terrorist plot to murder Professor Leo Bressler in Berlin, as his death would allow Section 15 and the other assassins involved to steal his research and gain a fortune.

After Martin (Neeson) suffers a car accident in a taxi that makes him actually believe he is Dr. Martin Harris he goes to the hotel where a biotechnology summit is going to take place and Dr. Bressler and Prince Shada will be as part of a negotiation to end world hunger, but when he arrives he finds out Liz doesn't know who he is and that another man has stealed his identitiy (Martin B).

Along the film Martin Harris tries to proves he is the real Martin but Martin B has the same proves, also assassins are trying to kill Martin (Neeson), helped by Gina the Bosnian illegal immigrant who was the taxi driver the day he lost his memory, finds out that the one he thought was his friend and colleague Dr. Rodney Cole is actually a representative of the assassin group "Section 15", after Cole reveals Martin is a trained assassin working for him sent to activate a bomb at the hotel, both he and an assassin known only as Jones are killed by Gina, then Martin and Gina try to warn the hotel security staff that there's a bomb in the hotel, Martin then realizes the bomb was set to kill both Prince Shada and Bressler to make it look like Shada was the target when is actually Bressler, while this is happening Liz and Martin B hack into Bressler's computer to steal his research but Martin proves Herr Strauss (chief of hotel security) that there's a bomb so he orders to evacuate the hotel, Liz refuses to go as she wants to stop the bomb because she doesn't want to be linked to an unnecessary explosion, Martin B agrees but when he tries to kill Bressler by his own he is stopped by Martin Harris, meanwhile Liz breaks the room wall where the bomb is and tries to reach it but is too late and the bomb goes off killing her.

After this Martin Harris manages to kill Martin B in the remains of the hotel.