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Elizar Kane is the main antagonist of the 1996 buddy comedy film Theodore Rex. He is an evil billionaire genius who plots to launch a missile called "New Eden" to create a new Ice Age to kill all species on Earth.

He was portrayed by Armin Mueller-Stahl.


Kane is a charismatic and wealthy geneticist and billionaire, having his name made by bringing multiple species back from extinction, including dinosaurs that were made anthropomorphic. While seen as a benevolent father figure to the civilized dinosaurs, in secret, he hides a distaste for humanity's actions and plans to create a powerful missile that will block out the Sun, causing another Ice Age that will destroy the world and kill off all species on the planet, except for those inside Kane's Ark, where two of each species are kept in cryogenically frozen states. Misanthropic, he does not accept imperfections of humans. He plans to recreate the world in his own image and become worshipped as a god.


Two of New Eden's employees, a human named Adam and a dinosaur named Oliver, discover Kane's true plan only to be taken out by Kane's hired assassin, Edge and his gang. Two cops working on Adam and Oliver's case, Katie Coltrane and Theodore "Teddy" Rex, learn from the Toy Maker, an arms dealer that gave Edge the butterfly-like bomb to kill Oliver, about Kane's plan. Meanwhile, Kane turns out to have a higher up in the police force reveal Coltrane and Teddy's plan to bring him to justice. Kane then has the mole frozen to death. To bring out Coltrane and Teddy, Kane has Sebastian, a kid and Coltrane's friend and Molly Rex, Teddy's love interest, kidnapped. Teddy and Coltrane raid Kane's gang's lair and force the leader to help them reach Kane's lair. Once they arrive, Kane orders Veronica, his secretary, to kill the lackey.

Kane has Coltrane taken away by his goons (she escapes and runs off to find Sebastian), while he tells Teddy his Ark plan of freezing two of every species to make his dream come true, and wants Teddy frozen alongside with Molly. Launching "New Eden", he has Veronica put Teddy into the Ark, but Teddy tricks her and pushes her inside while freeing Molly. Kane has Edge shoot Coltrane and Teddy and leave them to die while he drives off to prepare his own chamber. Luckily, Teddy is able to catch up with Kane's car and uses a rope and metal pole to lift Kane's seat out of the car, causing it to crash into a sign and kill Edge. With only a few seconds left until detonation, Teddy snatches Kane's remote and deactivates the missile. With his plans foiled, Kane is arrested for his crimes.