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Ellen Yindel is the secondary antagonist of Books 3 and 4 of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. She is the new Police Commissioner of Gotham City, who becomes obsessed with capturing Batman.

The Dark Knight Returns

In the events of The Dark Knight Returns, superheroes are shunned from the law and cast out. Yindel first appears in Book 2, where she was handpicked by the mayor of Gotham City to succeed the retiring Jim Gordon. After getting the job, she publicly issues an arrest warrant for Batman as her first act as police commissioner. During the EMP power-outage in Gotham, she finally gives up the chase when she realizes Batman is too powerful. She and her police force were subsequently unable to reign order on the city until Batman and Robin lead the Sons of Batman into non-violently quelling the riots and making Gotham much safer, presumably changing Yindel's mind about the Dynamic Duo.


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