Ellia is an alien of the life form called Wraith. She is one of the antagonists of the television series Stargate Atlantis.


Ellia was a female Wraith who survived the crash of her spaceship on a planet. The scientist Zaddik found her shortly after the crash, and because he had lost his family shortly before, he adopted her. He taught her human values, like love and friendship, when he educated her. They lived in the forest, and Ellia could eat ordinary food as a child. But as she got older, she had to feed herself like all the Wraiths by sucking human's lifepower. Zaddik invented a recipe that could feed a Wraith without killing humans.

When Colonel John Sheppard and his team discovered this planet, they heard people say that a horrible creature is walking around the forest, and humans are sucking the life force. She immediately knew it was a Wraith, and set out to search for him. They came across Ellia.

They quickly realized that Ellia in her personality was quite different from the other Wraith, and that Zaddik had invented a means to feed a Wraith, so he did not have to kill humans anymore. This finally brought Carson Beckett to the planet, who had an interest in the invention. He talked with Zaddik about his researching a "remedy" that would transform a Wraith into a human being. And Ellia, who hated to being a Wraith, took it.

The others searched for the Wraith, who had killed the many villagers, and Zaddik asked Ellia why she had taken the drug. Thereupon she confessed that his invention had never worked, and she had killed humans to feed herself. She said she did not want to be a monster anymore, and that the others would soon find that she had also kills humans; at the latest, if they had killed the other Wraith.

But the virus strengthened her "insect DNA", so that she lost her human mind and killed everything she found. Also the Wraith, which the others had looked for. Finally, she was killed by Ronon. Carson and Teyla found it terrible that Ellia had turned into a monster and had to be killed.

Powers and Abilities

Telepathy: As Wraith, she had a telepathic link to other Wraith who were near her. This went so far that she could even find them, and they knew exactly when they were killing a human.

Superhuman Powers: As Wraith, she was much stronger, faster, and more resilient than any human being, and could also heal quickly. These forces even intensified when she was mutated.


She was the only known Wraith, who was (compared to the other Wraith) actually humanfriendly, and voluntarily wanted to be a human being.

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