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You are about to see the most incredible doll ever invented. Her name is Poppy, and she is the first truly intelligent doll in the world. A little girl can talk to her, Poppy gives her answers. She is the first doll actually able to have a conversation with a child. Hard to believe? Just watch.
~ Elliot Ludwig creating Poppy Playtime.

Elliot Ludwig is the posthumous overarching antagonist of the 2021 horror game Poppy's Playtime. He was the founder and overseer of Playtime CO. In the 1960s, he lost a family member in a tragic accident and became obsessed with his work, starting to perform beastly experiments.


Elliot was an old man of Caucasian descent with dark hair. He is mostly shown wearing suits typical to a CEO. Elliot stood very tall at the height of 6'2".


Elliot was divorced but a family man at heart.
~ Brown VHS tape aka "Elliot Ludwig Biography"

After the death of his loved one (presumably his daughter), Elliot became obsessed with achieving success for his company. He was described as working more than any other employee and never let a project go unfinished.


From what we can tell, Ludwig found Playtime CO. in the early 60's, and got divorced sometimes after that. but was still a lovable man. His goal was to bring the most amazing toys to children all across the globe, and spent multiple hours in the factory, building and designing robots and toys for his company, and missed out on a lot. Ludwig experimented on people and turned them into toys, two notable examples being the quick-and-go experiment of Huggy Wuggy (real name unknown), and the extremely brutal and torterous experiment of Mommy Long Legs (real name Marie Payne). These caused them to become hostile, meaning Ludwig is responsible for most of what has happened so far.

After someone in Ludwig's family died, theorized to be his daughter, he became very depressed, but decided to keep going. Ludwig created the 'best toys', as the interviewer described it, and built an empire with his toys. It was unknown how Ludwig managed to keep going, and when it was about to be answered with the "fateful year of 19-", the tape cuts off, leaving us without a clear answer.


  • He is widely theorized to be Experiment-1006 aka The Prototype.
  • Elliott is very similar to Joey Drew from the Bendy franchise, as Bendy is considered to have inspired Poppy Playtime.


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