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Ellis is a minor antagonist in the horror puzzle video game Fancy Island. She is a ghost.


Like most of the Pieyama God's minions, Ellis is blatantly sadistic and cruel. She possesses a habit of jumpscaring visitors.

Powers and Abilities

  • Possession: Ellis is capable of possessing people. As seen in Mimi's battle against Nekomata.


In Fancy Island, whenever Mimi respawns after dying, there is a 1/3 chance that Ellis will jumpscare and attack Mimi. Afterwards, Mimi will be warped to the starting room.

In another page, after defeating Tomato Onna, Mimi has to navigate herself through a maze. In the maze, Ellis can attack Mimi. If Mimi fails to shoot Ellis in time, Ellis will proceed to kill Mimi.

Ellis also appears in a secret boss fight, possessing Nekoshow to become Nekomata in order to kill Mimi. If Mimi successfully defeats Nekomata, Ellis will come out of it, and Nekoshow will revert to his original form.


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