Elmgaim of the Baku is a velvet worm-themed monster and a member of the Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu. Also he is the main antagonist in episode 30 of the 2010 TV series Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

He is voiced by Atsushi Imaruoka who previously voiced a Heater Banki and later voiced a Bomb Shadow and a Western Yokai Dracula.


Originally only able to eat the dreams of those asleep, Elmgaim gets a power boost from the Erurei Box that enables him to eat souls as well, leaving his comatose victims in despair while growing roots that would rot the planet.

While partaking victims, he eats the "dreams" of Gosei Pink, forcing Eri into the same despair state and dream world as his other victims. However not too long after she is eaten, Eri breaks free from the ability by making a new dream, removing the roots but preventing her soul from escaping. Seeing Eri as capable of dealing with Elmgaim from the inside even as Gosei Knight tries to remove the roots directly, the Goseiger use her various Expandream cards she wrote for an upcoming Gosei Festival to lure Elmgaim into fighting them instead of her while she continues to inspire the despairing people within the internal world.

After overwhelming the Yuumajuu with too many dreams, he bursts all of the captured people's souls and restores Eri who rides to the rescue with Gosei Knight. Becoming Super GoseiPink, she and Gosei Knight combine their finishers into a "Super Sky-Knight Dynamic" which destroys Elmgaim.

After growing through the Bibi Bugs, the Goseiger form Sky Gosei Great alongside Gosei Ground, where they strike Elmgaim with wind attacks before becoming Ground Gosei Great and finishing him off with the Ground Great Strike.


  • His ability to eat dreams in the waking world is very similar to the abilities of Freddy Krueger, who kills people in their dreams preventing them from ever waking up.

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