The Elmore Prisoners are recurring characters in The Amazing World Of Gumball, they were first seen in The Finale. They are a group of criminals.



Goblin is a supporting character in The Amazing World Of Gumball, He is a serious man with a cruel nature

He is voiced by Alex Jordan and Kerry Shale.

Dolphin Man


Dolphin Man is a background character in the show, he is shown to be very rude and obnoxious towards others

He is voiced by Stefan Aston Frank.

Spray Paint Bottle

Spray-paint Can.png

Spary Paint Bottle is a background character on the show, he is very polite and soft-spoken

He is voiced by Teresa Gallagher and Hugo Harold-Harrison.



Butterknife is a background character in the show, he speaks with a british accent

He is vocied by guest star Matt Hargreaves



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