Elpeo Ple is a Newtype Mobile Suit pilot for Neo Zeon and an antagonist-turned-hero in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.


After encountering Judau Ashta, Ple becames obsessed with him and began calling him "big brother", desiring an older brother figure to play with.

Her obsession with Judau would eventually cause her to abandon Neo Zeon and join the AEUG so she could be with Judau.

However, her DNA was later used to create a number of Ple Clones to fight for Neo Zeon. Ple later dies protecting Judau from her clone Ple Two.

Ple's newtype spirit later appeared during the Battle of Axis to convince Ple Two to stop fighting Judau.


Ple has an energetic and cheerful demeanor, though despite her immaturity she can be serious if she needs to. Her primary concern however is being with Judau, making her a nuisance to the crew members of the Argama.

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