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Elroy Tussle is an antagonist in the Mafia II DLC Mafia II: The Betrayal of Jimmy. He is the boss of the Bombers, an African-American criminal organization who control the poor neighborhoods of Sand Island and Hunters Point. Like all other characters and events in Jimmy's DLCs, Elroy isn't canon to the main games of the Mafia series.

He serves as the main antagonist for Sal Gravina's missions.



An ambitious gangster, Elroy managed to set up several rackets around Sand Island and Hunters Point, the two African-American poor neighborhoods in Empire Bay. The two most successful rackets belonging to Elroy were his protection and drugs racket, which were, according to Sal Gravina himself, making Elroy rich.

Under his leadership the Bombers became a much more organized criminal organization than what it was before, setting his brother Duke as the gang's underboss and a man known as Dirty Daniel as his lieutenant. Elroy also trained and employed a hitman known as Charon (Mafia), and would often use him to tie up loose ends and murder rivals.

However, around the 1950s, Elroy had been interfering with Sal Gravina's businesses and rackets around the city in order to bolster his own. This would eventually cause Elroy's downfall.

Mafia II: The Betrayal of Jimmy

Angry with Elroy's interference with his operations, Sal Gravina sends his enforcer and hired gun Jimmy to do something against Elroy's actions. Jimmy is quick to dismantle Elroy's protection racket, kill Dirty Daniel and wreck some of Elroy's stolen cars.

Gravina has Jimmy strike Elroy's main and most lucrative racket, a drugs racket, by destroying all of the Bombers' drugs trucks and killing their pushers. With his main sources of income ruined and his lieutenant dead, Elroy is frustrated and decides to send his hitman Charon to murder Gravina. Charon ends up dead however that same day, killed by Jimmy. Elroy then makes a final attempt by having some of his men lie in court to have some of Gravina's best men to jail, managing to have a made man named Tony Scalone thrown in jail, but the rats are killed by Jimmy.


Sensing that he was the next target on Jimmy's list, Elroy rounds up all his men, guns, money and assets and takes refuge at his distillery in Sand Island. Surrounding himself with heavily-armed guards, Elroy is confident that he can survive any hitman that Gravina sends to clip him. However, Jimmy shoots his way throughout the distillery and kills Elroy's brother Duke along the way, before finally confronting Elroy and putting an end to his life.

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