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Villain Overview

If I lose my fangs, I'll use my claws. If I lose my claws, I'll use my bones. And if I lose my bones, I'll use my life. That's how a "Bowel Hunter" fights!
~ Elsa's fighting creed.
Gusteko, the land to the north where I was born, was a very cold and desolate place. I was abandoned as a child, I hurt people and stole from them day after day. I had no time to think about things like truly living or happiness. Once, during a blizzard, I was stealing from a shop and its owner captured me. Since I was a thieving girl, he felt justified in stripping off all my clothes. But in a frantic search, I happened to find a shard of glass. There was no thought or hesitation, I held it tightly and thrust it into his belly. After I did, while naked and shivering in the cold, I began thinking. The blood and the entrails, they looked so very warm. If there's happiness in this world, it's when you have enough warmth to make you forget the cold. It was the first time I ever knew joy.
~ Elsa telling Garfiel about her past.

Elsa Granhiert (previously named Elsa Featherrun and simply Elsa), known infamously as the Bowel Hunter, was a major antagonist in the 2014 Japanese dark fantasy light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, as well as its anime television series & manga adaptations of the same name. She was the main antagonist of the first story arc, one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside the Great Rabbit) of the fourth story arc, and a posthumous character in the sixth story arc. Additionally, she made appearances in several side stories, short stories, and video games based within the narrative universe of Re:Zero.

Having no parents, Elsa grew up as a thief on the streets of Gusteko, the icy kingdom located to the north of Lugunica. One day, Granhiert was caught stealing and was forced to slit her captor's stomach open when he tried to rape her, marking her first kill. After this event, Granhiert grew to enjoy the practice of slitting peoples' stomachs open, garnering fascination and even arousal upon the sight of a person's bowels laid bare. She eventually joined the Gusteko Assassin Organization, a group of mercenaries led by an enigmatic figure known as "Mama" that accepted jobs from clients across the world. Elsa earned notoriety as the "Bowel Hunter," a nickname attributed to her in recognition of her unique style of killing targets. She quickly became dreaded as the most fearsome serial killer in the whole of Gusteko.

At around twenty-three years of age, Elsa was tasked with retrieving the Dragon Jewel, an emblem owned by the half-elf Emilia that identified her as a candidate to become Lugunica's next ruler. In order to complete the mission, Granhiert travelled to Lugunica's capital city and hired the common street thief Felt to steal the insignia for her. However, when Elsa went to the chosen rendezvous point, she discovered that Emilia had tracked Felt to the building, prompting Granhiert to decide to butcher everyone present and take the Insignia by force. She fought against the people present in the building—Emilia and her spirit Puck, the criminal Rom, Felt, and the Japanese teenager Subaru Natsuki who had recently been summoned to Elsa's world. Although she initially held the upper hand, Elsa was defeated when the Master Swordsman Reinhard van Astrea arrived on the scene and engaged her in combat. However, before Reinhard could apprehend Elsa, she escaped.

Around two months later, Elsa was hired by the Lugunican nobleman Roswaal L. Mathers to murder the occupants of his own mansion that consisted of two maids and a shut-in. Unlike the incident in the capital, Elsa was accompanied by her assassin partner/surrogate younger sister Meili Portroute who had the power to control mabeasts. Like before, the Japanese teenager Subaru Natsuki, who was a resident of the mansion, opposed the sadistic Bowel Hunter. This time, he had another powerful ally in the form of the barbaric warrior Garfiel Tinzel. The Hunter and Tinsel conducted a savage battle that saw the latter emerge victorious after he managed to overwhelm Granhiert's healing factor. Elsa's body was completely pulverized and her surrogate sister was the only person to mourn her loss.

Elsa was voiced by Mamiko Noto in the Japanese version of the anime adaptation and by Cristina Vee in the English version. Noto's other villainous roles include Yukako Yamagishi in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Enma Ai in Hell Girl, Hecate in Shakugan no Shana, and Sayoko Mishima in Ah! My Goddess. Valenzuela has also voiced Ladybug in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Killua Zoldyck in Hunter x Hunter, Sakura Matou/Dark Sakura in the Fate franchise, Mosquito Girl in One Punch Man, Darkness in KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!, Hawk in The Seven Deadly Sins, Swan in Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, Rei Hōōmaru in Kill la Kill, Nu-13 in BlazBlue, Lucy Maud Montgomery in Bungo Stray Dogs, and Pandora in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas.


Elsa Granhiert was unusually tall for a woman, as she stood around the same height as Subaru Natsuki at the time of his summoning. Her black eyes (purple in the anime adaptation) angled down towards their edges and presented Elsa with a certain level of calmness and gentleness. Below her left eye Elsa had a beauty spot.

Her long wavy hair was the same shade of black as Subaru's (a trait that was very rare in her world) and was braided into a long tail on the left side of her head that reached down to her hips. A single purple flower decorated the left side of Elsa's head. Granhiert was a woman of incredible beauty who apparently oozed eroticism with every move she made. Her white skin was unusually pale to the point that it could almost be described as sickening, and Elsa's slim body was well-endowed with large breasts and sultry curves. Her bewitching beauty coupled with her well-endowed body was enough to catch the eye of most people she met.

Elsa's clothing, as if to match the woman herself, was extremely provocative. Her outfit consisted of a pair of black elbow-length gloves with purple trimmings at the top, a pair of black high-heel shoes, and a black dress with purple decorations that was both strapless and backless and featured brown tights. The dress, that clung to Elsa's body fairly tightly, also had thigh-high slits on either side and an exposed front that flaunted her bellybutton and cleavage.


Perhaps Elsa's defining trait was the arousal she garnered from gutting people and toying with their steaming entrails. Upon facing worthy opponents, Elsa would express excitement at the prospect of gutting them, pondering on random variables such as what color her opponents' entrails would be. After disembowelling Subaru Natsuki, she barraged him with a flurry of questions related to the pain he was feeling as he lay dying on the floor of the loothouse, conveying that she received sadistic arousal from the pain others felt due to her actions. Her warped sense of arousal didn't end with her opponents, as Elsa also felt masochistic ecstasy whenever she was wounded by others, such as when Subaru kicked her in the loothouse. She didn't feel any remorse towards those she gutted, even if they were children or the elderly.

Elsa was a battle maniac, not even hesitating to injure herself if she can fight strong opponents, which was helped by her abnormal healing rate. This was also shown through her persistence. Due to her blessing she claimed to be a vampire, though she didn't drink blood, nor did she receive any ill effects when under the sun. Elsa also enjoyed knitting cotton dolls, especially after a good kill, and mentions to have over 10 years of experience.



Elsa was born to a poor couple in the Holy Kingdom of Gusteko, the northernmost of the world's four great nations that was known for its freezing weather and spiritualism. The nation was corrupt to its core, and featured a very clear divide between the rich and the poor. Elsa was sold to slavers as a child and had no memories of her parents, although she didn't resent them for abandoning her. Shortly after being bargained off, a senior slave within the slave trader's base orchestrated a mass escape during which Elsa slipped away and travelled to a nearby town.

Having gutted her assailant, the young Elsa felt a sense of happiness for the first time.

She began living in the streets as a thieving orphan who occasionally murdered, until her reputation lead to her capture and return to slavery. She was purchased by a buyer, although she misbehaved and quickly escaped her captivity a second time. One day, while stealing from a store in a blizzard, the owner of the shop caught Elsa and tried to have his way with her. Without hesitation, Elsa grasped a shard of glass from a bottle of Granhiert and slit her assailant's belly open. The warmth of the man's entrails made Elsa forget the coldness that enveloped her life, and for the first time she felt truly alive. As a result, she developed a gruesome fetish for gutting people and fighting with her life on the line against opponents doing the same.

Elsa earned recognition as the "Bowel Hunter," who was feared across the world for her gruesome fetish. She was eventually recaptured by slavers once again, although by that point her infamy as an unruly child began turning off potential buyers and as such the traders sought to dispose of her. After being experimented on, she gained regenerative capabilities that allowed her to fight recklessly.

Eventually, she was approached by a mysterious girl known as "Mama" who convinced Elsa to join her Assassin Organisation. As an assassin, Elsa found a partner in the young teenage girl Meili Portroute, who had the power to control mabeasts. Elsa and Meili became as close as sisters overtime. At one point, the Bowel Hunter was tasked with killing someone in the Empire of Volakia, a meritocratic nation located to the far south of Gusteko. Although she was able to kill her target, she was confronted by the Blue Lightning of Volakia Cecils Segmund, who was acting as the person's bodyguard. Segmund, who was considered Volakia's greatest warrior, became the first person to defeat Elsa. Although she escaped with her life, the event would be forever engraved in Elsa's memory.

The job in the capital

Killer in the shadows

Oh dear, you found that? Well, I have no choice then. No choice at all.
~ Elsa's comment as she kills Subaru for the first time.

At the age of twenty-three, Elsa (but not Meili) was hired by a client to retrieve an insignia that was in the possession of the half-elf Emilia. To help Elsa complete her mission, the client gave her a magical cloak that would negate a single magical attack before being used up forever (Emilia was an accomplished practitioner of magic). Travelling to the capital city of the Kingdom of Lugunica that was positioned to the south of Gusteko, Elsa hired several different common street thieves to steal Emilia's insignia, as she didn't have the skill to do so in public without causing a scene. She agreed to afford the thief that acquired the badge with ten holy coins, a considerable bounty for lowly thieves. She arranged to meet whichever thief possessed the insignia in a loothouse located in the city's slums that was ran by a kindly old giant known as Old Man Rom.

At around five p.m. as the sun set, Granhiert entered the loothouse and discovered the successful thief to be a teenage girl named Felt who was personally close to Old Man Rom. Although Elsa intended to give the thief her pay and leave, Felt began pressing for a steeper reward. Growing aggravated by the girl's haggling, Granhiert murdered both Felt and Rom when the latter attempted to intervene. Hours later, Emilia and an ally of hers named Subaru Natsuki found their way to the loothouse in pursuit of the former's insignia. Subaru entered the moonlit building first and was subsequently killed by Elsa before he could realize what had happened. Worried by how long Subaru was taking, Emilia entered the building and was also struck down by the Bowel Hunter. Unbeknownst to everyone however, Subaru Natsuki had a power that reset time around him every time he died. Time was set back by around half a day and the only person who recalled the previous timeline was Subaru.

Sour negotiations

As she had in the first loop of time, Elsa made her way over to the loothouse at five p.m. to make the transaction. However, this time Natsuki was waiting for her alongside Felt and Rom. At that point in time, Subaru had failed to grasp the intricacies of his power and as such didn't realize he had died. Also, he didn't recognise Elsa as his killer as the Bowel Hunter had remained obscured during the last loop. Granhiert seated herself on a table along with the other four occupants of the building and negotiations begun. Felt said that Subaru, who also sought the insignia, would be Elsa's rival and the pair would have to bid for ownership. Natsuki (who had recently been summoned from Japan on Earth) presented his cell phone as a unique "magical item" that he was willing to hand over in exchange for the insignia. Old Man Rom had already appraised Natsuki's phone and decided it would be worth at least twenty holy coins, double what Granhiert had offered Felt.

In response, Elsa placed an additional ten holy coins on the table, increasing her amount to twenty holy coins. Rom briefly thought it over and decided that Subaru's offer would be more worthwhile as he passed Elsa's coins back to her. After gulping down the last of the milk that had been given to her, Elsa casually asked what Subaru was going to do with the insignia as she prepared to leave. Subaru replied without thinking that he would return the badge to Emilia. Granhiert's expression instantly darkened into one of malicious intent as she silently drew her blade and attempted to strike Subaru down on the spot. Felt grabbed Subaru by the waist and flung the boy out of Elsa's reach, saving his life.

The Bowel Hunter narrowly avoiding a knife strike thrown by the thief Felt.

Old Man Rom instantly leapt into action with his large club, sloppily trying to land powerful blows on the dainty figure of the Bowel Hunter. Eventually, Granhiert severed Rom's arm and used her milk glass to slice his throat, ending the old man's life for a second time. Felt, furious that Rom's life had been taken, drew a large knife and leapt at the Hunter. The thief's movements were enforced by a strong gale of wind that increased her speed and carried her across the building. Elsa realised that her opponent was employing a Divine Protection, a boon she must've been born with. Nevertheless, Granhiert avoided Felt's opening attack and sliced her down the front, ending her life as well.

Finally, only Elsa and Subaru remained. Having seen his allies being cut down in front of him, Subaru succumbed to his rage and launched a pathetic assault on Elsa, who easily fended him off. Granhiert moved in for kill, only to have her blade strike avoided by Natsuki who delivered a kick to her gut. Elsa complimented on Subaru's impressive show of determination as she moaned in arousal at the pain in her core. However, as Subaru had kicked her, Elsa had used a second blade to slice his gut open. As Natsuki fell to the ground screaming in pain, Elsa began bombarding him with a flurry of questions regarding the pain he felt. The last thing Subaru Natsuki saw in that life was the aroused face of the woman who he finally realized had killed him twice. Time once again reset to half a day before, however, Subaru died almost instantly at the hands of a trio of thugs, meaning he never had the chance to encounter Elsa in that time loop before returning to the same point in time again.

Duel in the loothouse

Reinhard: Black hair, black clothes, and a blade unique to the Northern Provinces. There's no mistaking those characteristics. You are the "Bowel Hunter."
Subaru: Seriously, what kind of evil nickname is that?
Reinhard: It was derived from her unique style of killing those who oppose her. Her name is known far and wide as a menace to society.
Elsa: Ah, Reinhard. Yes, a true knight among knights, born to the Master Swordsman's line. It's quite remarkable that each of my opponents are so much fun.
~ Reinhard explaining Elsa's reputation to Subaru Natsuki.

Elsa bumped into Subaru in the middle of the street, much to the boy's shock and terror.

In the next timeline, Elsa encountered Subaru slightly earlier while wandering around the slums before her meeting in the loothouse. Having literally bumped into him, Elsa asked the boy she had no knowledge of previously meeting if he was alright. Naturally, Subaru displayed abject fear and horror upon unexpectedly seeing the face of his killer. Elsa was deeply curious regarding what could be instilling the boy with such fear, however, considering she still had a job to do, she reluctantly bid him farewell with a promise to meet him again one day. As she left, Subaru cynically remarked he might not mind that either if they were surrounded by a crowd. Once again, Granhiert approached the loothouse at the allotted time and gazed within. She was surprised to find that not only Subaru was present, but also her target Emilia. Seeing that she would need a change of plans, Elsa quietly entered the building and attempted to launch a strike on Emilia that was noticed by Subaru and deflected by Emilia's cat-like contracted spirit Puck.

With an ecstatic expression, Elsa remarked that she looked forward to gutting Puck, as she had never gazed upon a spirit's insides before. To the fearful residents of the building, the Bowel Hunter exclaimed that she would kill everyone present and take the insignia by force. Subaru, finally having reached his boiling point with the murderer, began to lecture Elsa on her actions that only earned him an exasperated sigh from the Bowel Hunter. Then, at Subaru's request, Puck summoned a barrage of icicles formed from magical energy and projected them at the sadistic serial killer. Acting quickly, Elsa covered herself in the cloak her employer had given her, allowing her to survive the opening volley of the Great Spirit Puck. As the client had explained, the cloak dissipated after absorbing the power of the attack, leaving Granhiert to stave off any further attacks by herself. Elsa once again tried to strike Emilia, although the two-pronged team of the half-elf and her spirit left no opening for the Bowel Hunter to exploit.

Elsa standing on top of Old Man Rom's club with her incredible acrobatic skills.

Granhiert and the spirit Puck began trading verbal barbs as Elsa avoided attack after attack with superhuman athleticism, speed, and reflexes. Finally, as Puck began to run out of energy, he managed to trap Elsa's foot with ice he had been systematically placing on the ground. Pouring all of his energy into one attack, Puck and Emilia unleashed a ginormous column of ice that would've ended Elsa's life if she hadn't ripped off the sole of her own foot and leapt out of its path. While panting with arousal, Elsa grasped a piece of ice and used it to cauterize her own foot. With Puck now dematerialized, Granhiert used the ice on her foot to rapidly skate around Emilia and plant deadly strikes against a shield of ice she had raised to defend herself. All of a sudden, Old Man Rom joined the fight with his club raised. After several clashes, Elsa was able to balance herself on Rom's club and land a blow on the back of his neck which incapacitated the old man.

Turning her attention to Felt, Elsa tried to strike down the young girl who was saved at the last moment by Subaru. Before she could follow up, Emilia fired a barrage of icicles at Elsa that preoccupied the Bowel Hunter. She effortlessly avoided the girl's attacks until Subaru attacked her with Rom's large club in his hands. Taking the opportunity provided by Subaru, Felt ran out of the building to find help for her comrades. For the first time in a very long time, Elsa found herself slightly bereft that one of her prey had escaped her clutches. The Bowel Hunter decided to turn her full attention on Subaru rather than going after Felt, grinning gleefully at the prospect of gutting her victim. Steeling their determination, Subaru and Emilia worked in tandem in a vain attempt to overcome the monster before them. Although he fought hard, Subaru was quickly cornered by Elsa who would've gutted him then and there if a voice telling Elsa to desist hadn't interrupted.

Elsa taking a powerful kick to her side from the Master Swordsman Reinhard van Astrea.

The ceiling caved in as a figure dressed in white crashed down onto the floor of the loothouse. Elsa instantly recognised the man who had flaming-red hair and a unique sword at his hip by his reputation alone—he was Reinhard van Astrea, the Master Swordsman of Lugunica. Everyone, including Elsa, froze at the sight of the man whose mere presence exhibited the impression of a formidable opponent. Master Swordsman Reinhard, who wielded a legendary sword called the Dragon Sword Reid, was widely considered to be the most powerful warrior to ever live. He had arrived after Felt had bumped into him and led him to the loothouse. Astrea recognised the Bowel Hunter by her fearsome reputation and requested that she surrender. Elsa refused and leapt at him with her blade ready to strike the Swordsman's neck, only to have her attack halted by a powerful kick planted in her side by Reinhard.

Impressed by his power, Elsa asked her opponent if he would draw his sword so that they could fight properly. Reinhard explained he could only draw Reid against a worthy opponent, and as such subsequently picked up a rusty old sword on the floor that he intended to fight with instead. Drawing a second blade, Granhiert unleashed her full potential as she leapt across the room at supersonic speeds occasionally trying to strike Astrea. Reinhard, having easily avoided or deflected all of Elsa's strikes, absorbed the magical energy in the atmosphere and released it with a blast that completely obliterated the loothouse. After surviving the attack, Elsa made one more attempt on Emilia's life that was thwarted by Subaru. Seeing she had no way of earning victory, Elsa promised to meet her opponents again one day. With that, she leapt out of the building and into the night.

Escaping the authorities

Thankfully, Reinhard chose not to pursue the Bowel Hunter, allowing Elsa to retreat and take up residence in a dingy abandoned building that was actually one of the safehouses she was permitted to hide out in. Laying on the cold ground, Elsa began sleeping off her wounds as she thought about the battle she had just had. She was eventually awoken by the newly-arrived Meili, who informed her that a door-to-door manhunt for her was being conducted throughout the slums. As Meili cleaned Elsa's wounds, she remarked about how the damage wasn't healing like it should've been. Elsa took the opportunity to tell her sister-like colleague all about the boy she'd fought. Portroute was surprised, as she believed only Mother would be capable of defeating Elsa. The Bowel Hunter gleefully reflected upon the fact that she had now lost to the Blue Lightning and the Master Swordsman—the strongest of Volakia and Lugunica respectively.

Elsa made her way out of the hideout and killed a person, taking the clothes from their corpse to replace her wrecked ones. In order to help them slip past the authorities, Portroute used a mabeast of some sort to change their hair colors. Granhiert and Meili eventually bumped into a guard, who failed to recognise them and helpfully escorted them to the main road. They went to an inn and picked up their belongings, only to discover a letter awaiting them inside one of the bags. The letter, addressed to Meili, ordered the young girl to sow chaos upon the Mathers mansion located in the Mathers domain. Although disappointed that she wouldn't get a new mission immediately, Granhiert decided she would make a Reinhard doll for Meili to pass the time.

Extracting Meili

Heading over immediately to the Mathers domain, Meili descended into a small rural village located near the mansion. Elsa obediently observed the village from afar as her partner began her work. Portroute infiltrated the settlement as an innocent village girl and began using the mabeasts in the area to create confusion and discord. After the mabeasts abducted and cursed the village children whom Meili had befriended and deceived, two residents from the mansion quickly made their way into the forest to rescue the kids. The boy leading the rescue was surprisingly Subaru Natsuki, who had been brought to the mansion by Emilia around the time when Elsa and Meili had entered the Mathers domain.

After rescuing the children, Subaru and his companions had a second altercation with the mabeasts the next day. Although Natsuki was cornered by the mabeasts, the lord of the domain Roswaal L. Mathers arrived and blanket-bombed the entire forest using his fire magic. The mabeasts were utterly destroyed by the barrage fired by Mathers, who was commonly considered to be the strongest mage in Lugunica. Even Elsa knew of Roswaal and was impressed by his firepower as she watched the chaos unfold from afar. Worried about her young partner, Granhiert ran through the forests until she was reunited with the young girl. In the dead of night, Elsa and Meili rushed through the dense woods to escape their hostile pursuers.

As they made their way over the mountain, Elsa couldn't help but feel amused that just as Meili had come to her rescue in the capital, she was now helping Portroute escape. Meili was put off by her sister's calm and amused demeanour, a sentiment that grew in severity when Granhiert divulged her reasoning to the Mabeast User. As Portroute slowed down due to exhaustion, she took the time to say that she believed Elsa's help was unnecessary and also expressed regrets regarding the deaths of the mabeasts. Elsa told Meili about the eccentric man who had burned the forest. As the pair talked about the mission, Granhiert took the opportunity to give Meili the doll of Reinhard she had been working on over the past few days. Instead of thanking Elsa, Meili called her weird for making a doll of her enemy.

Seeing that Portroute was exhausted and her feet hurt, Elsa offered to give her a piggyback ride over the mountain side. After Meili reluctantly agreed, Granhiert began rushing through the forest at a speed that had the younger assassin continuously begging her to slow down. The Bowel Hunter eventually heeded Meili's request when the Mabeast User spoke in a far more urgent tone. The reason for Portroute's change in attitude was due to a pack of mabeasts surrounding them that had likely survived Roswaal's attack. Although Elsa intended to kill them, Meili told her to do no such thing and ordered her to walk up close to one of them. Portroute communicated with the beasts, telling them to hide out in the forests until they could rekindle their numbers. With that, the sisters retreated further into the undergrowth as they continued to trade verbal barbs.

The final mission

A job from the mage

You promised, didn't you? That you'd take good care of your entrails until the two of us met again.
~ Elsa reminding Subaru of the promise they made as they reunited.

Around two months after the job in the capital and Meili's job in the woods of the Mathers domain, Lord Roswaal L. Mathers himself hired Elsa to attack his own mansion and kill the three occupants. The targets were two maids named Frederica Baumann and Petra Leyte, and the Great Spirit of the Forbidden Library Beatrice. Beatrice was an ancient and powerful spirit who resided within the Forbidden Library. The Library was a pocket dimension of sorts that existed within the mansion that could be accessed by going through a random door within the mansion. However, as Beatrice decided which door led to her Library and she could randomly change which door was the entry point, it was basically considered impossible to enter the room unless Beatrice wanted someone to. There was also a former maid named Rem located within the estate, although she was locked in an eternal sleep.

Elsa reminding Subaru of the promise she made to him as he laid dying on the floor.

Subaru Natsuki and other residents of the mansion were away from the building, and Elsa was supposed to slaughter the current occupants around the time when Natsuki was scheduled to return. Unlike before, Meili was officially partnered with Elsa for the mission, and the pair approached the mansion together. As instructed, Elsa slaughtered the two maids at the scheduled time and also killed Rem. In order to enter the Forbidden Library, Granhiert opened every single door in the mansion, essentially leaving the Great Spirit nowhere to hide. She subsequently killed Beatrice who put up no resistance and awaited Natsuki's arrival. As the sun set, Subaru entered the mansion and was baffled to find it seemingly deserted with all of the doors open. As he ran through the building frantically looking for signs of life, Elsa approached him from behind and slit his gut open. With a smile on her face, Elsa recalled the time she'd promised to meet him again as life left the horrified eyes of Subaru Natsuki.

Second slaughter of the mansion

My my, that hurt. I thought I was a goner for sure. Yes, I like it. Maids in large, medium, and small, and one delicious young boy. I'll put you all on a table and compare what's in your bellies.
~ Elsa's threat after having her arm shredded by Ram.

Elsa confronting the servants of Roswaal with a hostage in hand.

Due to his power, Natsuki returned to life the day prior to the attack. Knowing his powerful foe had made a resurgence, Subaru decided to make his return to the mansion earlier. Taking an ally with him in the form of the head maid Ram, Subaru took it upon himself to investigate the reason behind the attack. Elsa and Meili, who had yet to strike due to Subaru's earlier than scheduled arrival, decided to act prematurely. As Meili surrounded the mansion with powerful mabeasts, Elsa slipped into the building and took the young Petra Leyte hostage. The Bowel Hunter then approached a large meeting room where Subaru and Ram were conversing with Baumann. As Natsuki expressed his desire to leave the mansion as soon as possible, Elsa entered and licked her lips in anticipation of the conflict she was sure would arise.

Elsa once again reminded Subaru of the promise she had made as the opponents across the room from her froze in shock. The quivering Petra who was being held in Granhiert's arms courageously told her comrades to run. Hearing Leyte's bravery, the two maids instantly ignited their fighting spirits. Ram drew her wand and fired a deadly blast of wind at the Bowel Hunter which she narrowly avoided thanks to the maid's hesitance to wound her colleague. Frederica called upon her demi-human blood to partially transform, giving herself deadly claws. With the ferocity of a beast, Baumann swiped at Elsa, although the serial killer deflected the strike and conveyed her joy at the prospect of fighting a demi-human. Seeing her opportunity, Petra grabbed Baumann's newly-grown tail and the pair leapt back out of Elsa's reach.

The Bowel Hunter deflecting Frederica Baumann's swipe.

Granhiert rushed forward in an attempt to close the distance but was intercepted by Ram who struck her with wind magic. The slashing blades of wind turned Elsa's arm into mincemeat. Granhiert took the time to threaten her opponents with her murderous intentions, although before she could make another attack Ram signalled to Subaru who deployed his own shadow magic. Natsuki's magic engulfed the room in black smoke that the maids began to make their escape through. Hesitant to traverse through the magical smoke, Elsa threw several needle-like objects in an attempt to skewer her targets. However, the group leapt out of the window, covering their exit with a blast of wind magic from Ram.

Before Elsa could reengage the group, Frederica doubled back to fight her within the halls of the mansion. By that point, Baumann had fully transformed into a large leopard-like creature. Even though the maid amused Granhiert somewhat, Elsa inevitably gained the upper hand and killed her. Although the Bowel Hunter sought to discover whether Baumann's transformation altered her insides, she was unable to. Meanwhile, Meili had her mabeasts descend upon the mabeasts and intercept the others as they tried to flee. Both Ram and Petra were killed by Portroute's assault, leaving the wounded Subaru to wonder the halls of the mansion alone in a daze. Elsa eventually found the boy in this state and informed him of Frederica's death.

The Bowel Hunter finds Subaru wandering around the mansion.

Granhiert breathed heavily in anticipation at the thought of viewing Subaru's bowels, considering the amount of anger and tenacity that was contained within his withering frame. Natsuki tossed aside her ecstatic ramblings and asked his enemy who had hired her to attack. Although Elsa refused to give the identity of her contractor, she did reveal the instructions that had been provided to her. Although Elsa wanted to continue talking with him, Subaru demanded that they simply end things. The disappointed Elsa leapt at Natsuki with her blade at the ready. However, at the last moment Subaru weaved into the room next to him and closed the door behind him.

Elsa tried to open the door, only to find Subaru missing as he had been transported to the Forbidden Library. Granhiert proceeded to kill the sleeping Rem and once again open every door in the mansion. Eventually she was able to enter the Library where she found Subaru and Beatrice together. Granhiert approached Beatrice, only to be held back by the feeble Natsuki who desperately clung to Elsa's leg. The Bowel Hunter commented on the obvious bond shared between Natsuki and Beatrice before plunging her blade into the chest of the former, killing him instantly.

Evasive targets

You two are rather close, how enviable. I'll send you to meet the angels together.
~ Elsa commenting on the close bond between Subaru and Beatrice.

With Natsuki's death, a new loop began. For the next two loops, Subaru didn't approach the mansion due to problems within the Sanctuary itself. However, after exhausting his options in the Sanctuary, he decided to once again focus on saving the residents of the mansion. Approaching the estate alone shortly after dawn, Subaru arranged for the two maids to evacuate with Rem while he tried to convince Beatrice to leave. Frederica and Petra complied with his request and made their way over to the village Meili had previously attacked. However, the twin assassins caught wind of the plan and split up to execute the targets. Portroute went after the maids in the village and Granhiert entered the mansion to dispatch Beatrice. As she had before, she opened every door in the mansion until she found the correct entrance to the Library.

Elsa promising to send Subaru and Beatrice to the angels together.

As she entered, she overhead an emotionally-charged conversation between Subaru and Beatrice. The suicidal Great Spirit told Subaru that she wanted him to be "that person" for her and if he couldn't then she wanted him to kill her. Elsa then made her presence known by apologising for the interruption and asking Beatrice if she could be "that person" for her. To the confused Beatrice, Elsa explained the method she had used to bypass the Forbidden Library's protections. She also told Subaru about how she and Meili had divided the work. With a excited lick of her lips, Elsa was looking forward to finally being able to see a spirit's insides. Natsuki stood in the way of Elsa with the intent to protect Beatrice. As she prepared to attack, Granhiert promised to send the pair to the angels together.

However, before the Bowel Hunter could make her move, Beatrice unleashed her shadow magic, engulfing the room in smoke. Subaru picked up Beatrice and fled the mansion with her before Elsa could make her way through the magic. Elsa quickly followed their trail until she found them on the forest road leading to the village. Luckily for Elsa, Meili had already eliminated her targets and intercepted the pair. As Beatrice made her intent to fight Meili known, Granhiert swiftly moved behind the Great Spirit and complained to the pair for running away as she brought her blade down on the girl. However, Beatrice anticipated the attack and used shadow magic to deflect and counterattack with shots of pink light. Elsa made consecutive backflips to avoid the barrage and commented on what a delightful surprise it was to learn Beatrice was capable of such a thing.

Elsa Granhiert turned into crystal by Beatrice's shadow magic.

Beatrice summoned numerous pink shards of crystalized time above her head and hurled them at the Bowel Hunter. Elsa danced through the projectiles, avoiding them and deflecting them with her blade. However, a shard struck the Bowel Hunter on her right arm, causing the crystallization to spread until the whole limb shattered into pink mist. The damage continued to spread, eventually covering Elsa's entire body and causing her body to shatter into pieces. With their opponent supposedly defeated, Beatrice and Subaru began arguing about what they should do with Meili. However, thanks to her power, Elsa quickly recovered and silently attempted to kill Subaru from behind. Beatrice, noticing her approach, pushed Subaru out of the way and took the blow herself.

As Elsa cut through the spirit, radiant magical energy poured out of the little girl's body as opposed to blood. Granhiert, happy that she had finally saw a spirit's insides, let go of the body. Subaru caught his dear friend's dying body and desperately tried to cover her wound as Beatrice started to dematerialize. After losing hope that he could save the dying Beatrice, Subaru turned his rage on Elsa, who hit him with the butt of her blade when he tried to attack her. To Subaru who was perplexed by Elsa's mysterious survival, Granhiert gave a vague description of her ability. As Natsuki laid on the ground, Elsa saw a look in the boy's eyes that disgusted her so much that she sliced one of them, making Subaru roll around in agony. Meili berated Granhiert for her cruelty, making the Bowel Hunter tell her that Beatrice was the only one worth pitying. Before Elsa could finish Natsuki off, Beatrice used the last of her life to teleport Subaru back to the Sanctuary. Natsuki was later killed by the Great Rabbit.

Death ballet

In the next loop, Elsa entered the mansion at the dead of night. She eventually came across Petra Leyte wandering the halls alone with a frightened expression. Recognizing the girl as the younger maid, Elsa complimented her on her looks and assured her that her bowels would likely be spectacular. As Granhiert prepared to bring her blade down on the girl, Baumann smashed through the outside window and intercepted the blow with her claws. The Bowel Hunter was glad that her targets were together and expressed her desire to place their bowels next to each other's. Baumann used her demi-human blood to partially transform as she berated Elsa for her vile hobby. Granhiert declared that she would not lose, as she had improved her skills since her duel with Reinhard.

At Frederica's behest, Petra began fleeing from the fight. Elsa attempted to skewer her using her iron needles, but the bigger maid once again intercepted. The two woman then engaged each other in combat, producing attacks powerful enough to cause tremors. Using a combination of her skewers, black blade, and agility, Elsa was able to gain the upper hand on Baumann. As the maid transfigured her legs to increase her speed, Granhiert began leaping around the walls and ceiling of the halls like she had in the capital. As she prepared to make a killing blow, a young man arrived and blocked Granhiert's attack with enough force to shatter the windows of the hallway. The boy, who was Frederica's younger brother Garfiel Tinzel, began conversing with his sister.

Powers & Abilities


  • Enhanced Sense of Smell: Elsa was born, for no apparent reason, with an unnaturally acute sense of smell. Her heightened sense allowed her to better distinguish the scents of a person in the air, meaning she could smell people who were keeping out of sight and have a better bearing on her surroundings in general. Much like a dog, the Bowel Hunter could determine a person's emotional state through their scent. For instance, she could tell if someone was afraid or trying to deceive her by smelling them.

Elsa regenerating after receiving a devastating blow to the face.

  • Regeneration: As a result of experimentation, Elsa Granhiert gained the ability to rapidly recreate lost or damaged cells. She could instantly recover from major lacerations and was able to regrow severed body parts. She was able to regenerate after having her entire body crystalized and shattered by Beatrice, and even survived an attack from the Master Swordsman himself. Those who were unaware of her power thought her to be an unstoppable killing machine incapable of dying or tiring. However, there was a limit to how much damage she could sustain, as eventually her healing factor could become overwhelmed by continuous significant wounds that would cause it to stop functioning. Additionally, the strikes of the Master Swordsman were capable of delaying or negating the Bowel Hunter's regeneration.


  • Bowel Hunter's Blades: Granhiert's primary weapons of choice were a set of short ornate black Kukri blades. She always carried multiple spares to be used if her primaries were destroyed, and depending on her mood she would wield either a single blade or a pair of blades. These weapons were a design that originated from Elsa's homeland of Gusteko, and overtime they became synonymous with the Bowel Hunter. Additionally, she carried numerous small needle-like projectiles that she could use to skewer people from afar.
  • Enchanted Cloaks: Upon being hired by Margrave Roswaal L. Mathers, Granhiert was given a feathered cloak that was enchanted with a light magic enhancement. The enchantment in question ensured that any offensive magical attack that struck the cloak would dissipate and leave its wearer unharmed. However, it only worked once, as after negating an attack the cloak would dissipate. Also, the enchantment only worked against physical attacks, meaning spells such as Shamac were unaffected. Elsa was given the cloak to compensate for her natural weakness to magic, and after having used it to negate an attack from Puck, she was given a second one.


Elsa Granhiert by Kenichiro Suehiro


Well, well, that's a spirit, isn't it? Aha How wonderful! I've never had the pleasure of cutting open a spirit's stomach before.
~ Elsa expressing excitement at the prospect of killing Puck.
Before long, I will disembowel every last one of you in this room. Until that moment comes, be sure to take care of yourselves.
~ The terrifying promise Elsa made before fleeing into the night.
Subaru: If that's all its going to take, then frankly I'm relieved. Cause I wanna get out of here as soon as poss—
Elsa: Goodness, that seems like a rather hostile thing to say doesn't it? Now then, let's keep that promise we made, it's only fair.
~ Elsa interrupting Subaru and the maids.
My my, that hurt. I thought I was a goner for sure. Yes, I like it. Maids in large, medium, and small, and one delicious young boy. I'll put you all on a table and compare what's in your bellies.
~ Elsa's threat after having her arm shredded by Ram.
What an absolute thrill.
~ Elsa's last words.

List of Appearances

Light Novel

Volume 1

  • Prologue: The Waste Heat of the Beginning (First appearance) (Obscured)
  • Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Obscured)
  • Chapter 2: A Struggle Too Late (First full appearance) (First identified as Elsa)
  • Chapter 3: Ending and Beginning (Indirect mention only)
  • Chapter 4: Fourth Time's the Charm
  • Chapter 5: Starting Life in Another World (First identified as Granhiert/Bowel Hunter)
  • Epilogue: The Moon is Watching (Mentioned only)

Volume 3

  • Chapter 1: I Cried and Screamed and Will Cry No More (Mentioned only)
  • Interlude: A Private Chat Under the Moon (Mentioned only)

Volume 4

  • Chapter 2: Blessings, Reunions, and Promises (Indirect mention only)

Volume 10

  • Chapter 5: The First Step Forward

Volume 11

  • Chapter 1: Maid, Maid, Maid
  • Chapter 2: Girl's Gospel

Volume 12

  • Chapter 1: Loveloveloveloveloveloveloveloveloveloveloveloveme (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 2: I've Already Seen Hell (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 3: A Four-Hundred-Year-Old Cry

Volume 14

  • Chapter 7: A Howling Reunion

Volume 15

  • Chapter 1: The Final Day of Roswaal Manor
  • Chapter 3: —Giltirau, Black King of the Forest, Strikes!!
  • Chapter 5: I Love You Down to Your Blood and Guts
Anime Adaptation
  • Episode 1: The End of the Beginning and the Beginning of the End (First appearance)
  • Episode 2: Reunion with the Witch
  • Episode 3: Starting Life From Zero in Another World
  • Episode 11: Rem (Mentioned only)
  • Episode EX: Memory Snow (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Episode 12: Return to the Capital (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Episode 30: A Step Forward
  • Episode 31: The Maiden's Gospel
  • Episode 32: Friend
  • Episode 33: The Value of Life (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Episode 34: Love Love Love Love Love Love You (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Episode 36: The Taste of Death
  • Episode 37: The Witches' Tea Party (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Episode 38: The Sounds That Make You Want to Cry (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Episode 46: Reunion of Roars
  • Episode 47: Happiness Reflected on the Water's Surface
  • Episode 48: Love Me Down to My Blood and Guts
Manga Adaptation

Chapter 1: A Day in the Capital

  • Chapter 3: The End of the Beginning (First appearance) (Obscured)
  • Chapter 5: A Struggle Far Too Late (First full appearance)
  • Chapter 6: Ending and Beginning (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Chapter 7: The "Master Swordsman"
  • Chapter 8: Negotiations in the Slums
  • Chapter 9: Battle in the Loot Cellar
  • Chapter 10: The Power of the Master Swordsman
  • Chapter 11: Starting Life in Another World

Chapter 2: A Week at the Mansion

  • Chapter 0: A So-called Summoning to Another World
  • Chapter 2: A Debt That Cannot Be Repaid (Appears in flashback(s))

Chapter 3: Truth of Zero

  • Chapter 1: A Gentle, Early Morning (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Chapter 3: Shared Homeland (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Chapter 10: A Decaying Mind (Appears in flashback(s))


  • Elsa's birthday was April 29 and she was 23 years old at the time of her death.
  • Aside from disembowelling, Elsa enjoyed sewing and knitting in her spare time. She made a doll of Reinhard van Astrea for Meili after her defeat in the loothouse.

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