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The witch of shadow with a self-righteous nature. She continually prays for all of creation and drags all life equally into her shadow without breaking her posture. One hoping to defeat her must know the blackest anguish.
~ Official profile
I wish you, although not seen from me, to be happy.
~ Words on Puella Magi Madoka Magica Official Guidebook "You Are Not Alone"

Elsa Maria is a Witch and a minor villain from the anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She battles Sayaka Miki at the end of Episode 7. As a Witch, she used to be a Magical Girl until she became corrupted with grief. Her barrier is full of shadows with a white background.


Atop a scaffolding, Kyoko Sakura is idly watching Elsa's barrier while eating an ice cream bar. Homura appears silently behind her and asks her if she is going to allow Sayaka to take her to kill. Kyoko at first brushes this off, telling Homura that since it's an actual witch and will drop a Grief Seed, that it isn't a waste like before.

However, she notices strange behavior in the barrier, then curses, muttering that Sayaka is botching the fight. The scene switches to Sayaka and Madoka within the barrier; Elsa is seated in a prayerlike position on top of a long arm holding a monstrance. Sayaka is then seen charging forth at Elsa Maria, which defends itself with snakelike animals and gnarled branches and vines. It fends off Sayaka, injuring her, and Kyoko soon comes to her rescue.

Kyoko is about to attack the witch when Sayaka gets up and tells her to stay out of it. Sayaka again rushes forward, this time cutting past the vines, and reaches the witch. She slashes at the witch repeatedly and begins to laugh insanely while blood splatters on her face.

He was right. If I don't want it to, it doesn't hurt at all.
~ Sayaka's closing lines before she bisects the witch, referring to Kyuubey's comment at the beginning of the episode about purposely numbing pain

The scene fades to black, and Madoka's voice is heard pleading, "Stop. Please stop."

Symbolism of the witch

Due to this description, Elsa Maria may symbolize religious hypocrisy. Her symbolism includes Christian crosses, and the ground in her barrier that forms a large arm holding either a torch or a monstrance. Elsa Maria appears to be praying before this object when Sayaka engages her.

Elsa Maria's nature as the Witch of Shadow is ironic since religion is usually associated with holy light and enlightenment.

Furthermore, Elsa Maria's powers seem to be based on the Garden of Eden. She fights with fanged snake-like minions and tree branches that extend from her body, probably standing in for the famous serpent that tempts Eve, and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil itself on which grew the forbidden fruit.


  • Some fans have speculated that Elsa Maria may be Kyoko's sister Momo.
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