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Elua is a minor antagonist in Dragalia Lost, who appears as the main antagonist in Chelle's adventurer story.


Elua has light skin and brown hair tied into a ponytail. He is dressed in a blue uniform with a crème collar.

He shares this appearance with young generic male nobles such as Grace's husband, Marley, or Remuel.



When Chelle arrives at Raywall, she tells Cat Sith her plans to be married to Elua. Upon meeting, the two get along well with Elua expressing worry over a potential war with Grams.

Chelle agrees to help him in preventing an assassination on Caspar due to such a thing resulting in a war between Grams and Raywall. However, Chelle and Elua determine the target to actually be Priestess Aurelia, which Chelle prevents.

After interrogating the assassin, Chelle is told by Elua that the one who hired him was General Bertrand. However, Chelle notices that Bertrand wouldn't have anything to gain from having a mere assassin do work he could have done himself.

With the help of Cat Sith, Chelle catches Elua as being the one responsible and demands him to explain. Elua then reveals his plan to dwindle the sources and weaken Raywall so that Grams would easily conquer with as few casualties as possible, believing that a war would be inevitable.

Chelle tells him that Grams would move on to other lands, only for Elua to express no interest in them. This prompts Chelle to tell him that he has abandoned his nobility. Afterward, he prepares to move on believing Chelle couldn't stop him. However, Chelle reveals she brought General Bertrand with her, as she halted his transfer to the capital. At the same time, Bertrand reveals he gathered some troops of his own, forcing Elua's troops to call the plan off and Elua to surrender.

Elua accepts defeat, knowing he will be transferred to the capital to face justice for his crimes.


Elua appears in flashbacks of Chelle's Gala adventurer story along with being confirmed to have been executed for his crimes sometime after the events of Chelle's regular story.


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