'Elyse Salmon is the main villainess from Convictions tenth episode, "Not Okay."

She was played by Melanie Nicholls-King.

Elyse Salmon is a crisis counselor at a college where Sophie Hansen and three other female students were raped by basketball star Travis Carter. Her backstory reveals that she was once a victim of rape years prior, but she never got justice against her attacker. As part of her job, Elise had been hearing the girls' stories about Travis, and became enraged over Travis never receving any repercussions for his actions. 

Due to her outrage, Elyse turned heel and put matters in her own hands. and late one night, she snuck into a frathouse where Travis and his friends were partying. Dressed in a masked disguise, the evil Elyse shot and killed Travis, firing five shots at his abdomen and using a pillow to muffle the sounds. The villainess escaped out through the window and climbed over the barbed wire fence, causing cuts on her right arm. Sophie ended up arrested and convicted of the murder when her DNA was found on the gun, and while the arrest was not an intended part of the plan, Elyse kept her heel persona hidden while Sophie was proclaiming her innocence.

However, a photo of Elyse with her arm bandaged revealed her as the killer, and she was confronted by Hayes in her office. Elyse originally denied the claims, but later confessed, stating that Travis would have kept raping women and she didn't think that anything would happen to Sophie. Hayes later called NYPD, who arrested Elyse.