Oh, are you really that surprised, Yun? Virtue of Benevolence who kills?
~ Elysia blaming Yun for her brother's death.
It was a life!
~ Elysia's famous quote.

Elysia is a young warrior and a character in the 1997 Chinese-American fantasy film Warriors of Virtue.

She was portrayed by Marley Shelton, who is best known for playing Diane "The Mastermind" Weston in Sugar & Spice and Chloe in Bubble Boy.


Elysia alongside her unnamed younger brother were the human natives of Tao whose parents died. Master Chung, a noble martial artist took these orphaned children in to his care.

During a war caused by the evil warlord Komodo, Elysia's brother was accidently killed by Yun, one of the five Warriors of Virtue who also made a creed to never kill. She blames him for her brother's murder and join forces with Komodo and his followers.

She secretly and only holds a grudge against one of her former allies just as much as Barbarocious, one of Komodo's high-ranking lieutinants who was jealous of Elysia earning her master's trust and even love.

Later, Elysia found and rescued a newcomer, a boy named Ryan Jeffers who shortly ambushed by Komodo's Dragoon Soldiers and a dwarf thief named Mudlap before taking him to Master Chung. The two quickly become friends, as Elysia is able to confide in Ryan her brother's murder, though she keeps the identity of his killer secret. When Komodo's men try and kidnap Ryan, Elysia hears Komodo's voice and disappears (her allegiance with Komodo had not been revealed at this point). While the Warriors plan their attack on Komodo's palace, Elysia spys on them.

Later, Elysia arrives at Komodo's palace and tells him what she had just heard, then greedily drinks from a zubrium vial, knowing full well the effects it has on their world. When the Warriors invade the palace, they are thrown into a death-trap, in which Komodo and Elysia gleefully mock them before letting them fall to their apparent deaths. The Warriors make it out alive, however, and prepare for war.

When Komodo abducts Ryan, he finds Elysia waiting for him and immediately figures out that she was a double agent. Ryan loses his temper, telling her that her grudge has helped cause too much damage. Elysia defends her decisions, finally revealing the one Yun killed: her brother. At that moment, Komodo appears and orders Ryan to read from the manuscript. Elysia convinces him that its for the best, but Ryan cannot read the manuscript. Komodo, enraged, throttles Ryan, at which point Elysia tries to blindside him with her own magic, but is stabbed in the back by her romantic rival Barbarocious who would be later killed by her master. Komodo mourns her death, hinting at some genuine affection for her.

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