Did you really think I wasn't going to be able to track my own ship? The Sun Incinerator's specialized nova thrusters give off an energy signature I could recognize from the other side of the galaxy. Now surrender to me or be destroyed...
~ Emerald to Lars and the Off Colors.

Emerald is a major antagonist in the Cartoon Network TV series Steven Universe. She is a Homeworld Gem who first debuted as the main antagonist in the episode "Lars of the Stars".

She is voiced by drag performer Jerick Hoffer, also known as Jinkx Monsoon.


Emerald has light green skin, large spiky dark green hair, and pointy canine teeth. She has a yellow zigzag tiara-esque bar adorning her forehead that covers her hairline and brows.


Steven Universe

In the episode "Lars of the Stars", Emerald goes after Lars and the Off-Colors for stealing her ship, the Sun Incinerator, despite the fact that it was heavily guarded by several Citrines. She then demands him in the communicator to surrender or else, but Lars dismisses it. Emerald, not wanting to deploy firing on the Sun Incinerator, instead of disabled the ship's nova thrusters to prevent him from escape. However, she was forced to retreat after the Destiny Destroyer's, her ship, weapons are eliminated by Stevonnie.


You're right about that. I won't destroy my beautiful ship. But I will make it so you can't get away! Aim for their nova thrusters!
~ Emerald
It was a minor inconvenience when you stole my personal shuttle and crashed it on Upsilon 9. It was an insult when you impersonated imperial officers during a cosmic jubilee. But to steal my Sun Incinerator is unacceptable!
~ Emerald to Lars and the Off-Colors.





  • Emerald is assumed to return in future Steven Universe episodes according to Rebecca Sugar.
  • She is so far the first and only Gem to have a non-binary voice actor.
  • According to Rebecca Sugar, Emerald is a very high-class gem and is an uncommon foe for the Crystal Gems.
  • It is unknown what are the full colors of Emerald's design.


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