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Your ass is mine!
~ Emil Antonowsky to Alex J. Murphy
You're dead... We killed you!
~ Emil upon remembering who RoboCop is.

Emil M. Antonowsky is a major antagonist in the 1987 film Robocop. He is the main accomplice of the nefarious crime lord Clarence Boddicker and serves as a despicable member of his gang. He was also responsible of creating Robocop after he, his boss and gang brutally gunned down Officer Alex Murphy and leading his wife Ellen and his son James to moved to a new home.

He was portrayed by Paul McCrane.


Emil was first seen driving a getaway truck that contains him and the rest of his gang including his boss Clarence after a bank robbery gone bad, in which most monies they robbed ended up being burnt. Emil then notices a police car driven by officers Alex J. Murphy and Anne Lewis coming after them, and alerts his gang. A violent on-road shootout ensued, but by sacrificing one of their member, Emil and his gang buddies managed to lose the two officers and got away temporarily.

Eventually Murphy and Anne arrives to the gang's hideout at a run-down steel mill. Emil and another member of Clarence's gang was seen watching an inane television show. Murphy, arrives and surprises the two thugs. After killing the other thug, Murphy tries to arrest Emil but more thugs arrive and overpower Murphy. Just as infuriated Emil attempts to kill Murphy, Clarence stops his minion - only to allow Emil and his thuggish buddies brutally kill Murphy while toying with the hapless officer. Lewis unfortunately was incapacitated by Joe Cox, another member of Clarence's gang so she was unable to help Murphy.

But Murphy did not stay dead for long: Murphy is transformed and resurrected into a cybernetic police officer called Robocop, who commences efficient strings of exterminating crimes of Detroit at the behest of OCP. Then one day during his routine status check-ups, Robocop begins to suffer regressive traumatic recall - traumatic memory inflicted upon victims at the time of their loss of consciousness - and the cyborg becomes agitated at first, then begins to display wild spasm as the recall reenacts Murphy's moment of death. Through this unwanted remembrance Emil, along with his criminal cohorts, is once again seen gleefully participating in Murphy's torture, mutilation and eventual death. By the time OCP staffs notice Robocop's abnormality the trauma Robocop was undergoing has totally consumed the cyborg, and staffs are unable to calm him down. Eventually his spasm subsided, Robocop goes in search of crime on the patrol while ignoring OCP scientists' attempts to stop him.

While Robocop is on a patrol he detects a crime in progress at the gas station. That crime is perpetrated by Emil who was extorting and terrorizing an innocent attendant. Before Emil can inflict physical harm upon the station attendant, Robocop lets his presence known to the obnoxious criminal which results in a stand-off. Robocop then warns Emil that whether he is dead or alive he is coming with the robotic police.

Emil then immediately realizes who Robocop is due to the cyborg's mannerism: a police whom Emil thought he killed. Astonished and disbelieving, Emil shouts to Robocop that he should be dead because he (and his gang) killed him, stunning the cyborg and furthering Robocop's memories in the process. Emil tries to kill Robocop, who was still distracted by Emil's revelation, again with his submachine gun. When that failed Emil attempted to destroy the cyborg by blowing up the petrol station along with him before escaping on a motorcycle. But Robocop snaps back into his senses at the sound of Emil making his getaway as the gas station exploded. Robocop, coming out of the burning station unscathed, manages to cripple Emil's motorcycle that swerves wildly onto the front of a parked car, crashing and destroying the bike. Emil was thrown violently over the car and onto the solid asphalt, badly wounded. Robocop, catching up to Emil, demands the criminal his identity, but Emil was too broken to answer. After arresting Emil Robocop goes back to police station, uses the police database to identify Emil and the rest of Boddicker's gang members.

Later Emil, apparently recuperated from his injury and bailed out from prison/hospital, met with the rest of Clarence's gang and they indulge themselves in vandalizing a street before setting off to hunt down and destroy Robocop on the orders of Dick Jones, who issues them with sophisticated military-grade weapons after Robocop was rescued by Anne Lewis who save him from the Detroit Police SWAT leader now turned traitor Lt. Hedgecock who betrayed Detroit Police to destroy him.

Emil after being drenched in toxic waste and shortly before his death.

Emil and his cohorts arrive at the steel mill - the place where Emil and his thugs gunned down Murphy first time - looking for Robocop, with the intent of sending their former police victim back into his grave again. But Robocop ambushes them first, killing Joe Cox. Utilizing structures as cover, Robocop successfully evades the gang's fierce assault. Emil attempts to run Robocop over with his van, but Robocop tricks him into crashing the van into a vat of toxic waste. Emil is flushed out of his van as he is doused in the corrosive, hot liquids and his skin begins to melt off his body, leading him to wander aimlessly around the mill in agony. He then leaps into his comrade Leon, begging for help. Leon instead screams in terror and makes a run.

Eventually, he stumbles into the path of Boddicker's speeding car that was being chased by police officer Anne Lewis. Boddicker, focused on losing Lewis, failed to notice Emil. Emil is promptly run over and his body violently and literally splattered over the car's windscreen in the process, much to Clarence's disgust.


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